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Founded in 2012, Metropolitant is an online portal that provides an array of lifestyle news that caters to the well-informed individual’s palette. Our team of dedicated writers strive to curate enthralling articles that make the mundane glorious again.

Metropolitant understands that city life can be stifling and we want to provide that avenue for you to access opportunities and experiences beyond the office desk.

Our readers have no qualms with trekking up Mount Agung, savouring a developing duck embryo by the roadside, facing off contenders on the laptops, mixing coconut oil into their morning coffee, slathering their faces with fermented ingredients, and queuing for that designer collaboration at three in the morning.

Metropolitant serves the modern urbanites who embrace life, not of a wage slave.

Do say, ‘Hi/Hello’ to us if you do bump into anyone from the Metropolitant team!

Editorial/Advertising +65 90602176

Wil Surn Lim – editor@metropolitant.com

Wilsurn is currently a freelance portrait and physique photographer and you can view his works on Instagram: @wilsurn or his website at www.wilsurn.com.

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