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The Metropolitant will provide an irreverent, edgy and non conformist perspective on fashion, gourmet, digital insights and destinations for dwellers within the densely populated urban core and its less-populated surrounding territories. Founded in 2012, the team hopes to bring quality curated information for readers living in the concrete jungle. The team is fueled by our passion to bring you targeted local features for our wide demographic of readers.

readers are opinionated, discerning group of consumers who pride themselves on setting new trends. They are savvy, stylish and have an insatiable hunger for the greatest new thing or place and are quick to embrace new trends and experience.

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The Metropolitant Team – Based in Singapore and passionate bunch of coffee drinking folks keeping track of the latest trends in this urban jungle we call home. The contributing editors of this website are not paid, solely driven by their passion to share great content with everyone out there. That being said, we would love for you to use our platform to reach out to more of our discerning readers. Help defray the cost of our coffee machine.

Do say, ‘Hi/Hello’ to us if you do bump into anyone from the Metropolitant team!

Editorial/Advertising +65 90602176
Wil Surn Lim – editor@metropolitant.com
Darren Ng – darren@metropolitant.com



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