Established in 2012, Metropolitant is a vibrant online platform that delivers a wide range of lifestyle content, designed to appeal to those with a taste for the extraordinary. Our dedicated team of writers specializes in turning everyday topics into engaging and thought-provoking articles.

We at Metropolitant understand that city life can be hectic and strive to be your go-to source for unique experiences and opportunities that go beyond the daily grind. Our readers are adventurous spirits, ready to climb mountains like Mount Agung, try unique foods like street-side duck embryos, challenge themselves in the digital world, experiment with new ideas like adding coconut oil to their morning coffee, take care of their skin with natural products, and eagerly seek out limited-edition designer items.

Metropolitant is the perfect fit for the modern city-dweller who embraces life’s adventures and refuses to be tied down by a routine, work-focused life.

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Wil Surn Lim –

Our editor Wilsurn is a freelance marketing and branding consultant and a freelance portrait and physique photographer. You can view his works on Instagram: @wilsurn or his website at

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