Explore the captivating journey of Rose Chan, the legendary “Queen of Striptease” from Singapore. Discover her tumultuous rise to fame, her bold performances, philanthropic endeavors, and the cultural impact she made in the dynamic landscape of Malaysia’s entertainment industry. This feature delves into the life of a woman who defied norms and became an unforgettable icon in Asian showbiz.

Pitbull Injects New Energy Into Playboy Enterprise

Playboy Enterprises  has entered into a strategic partnership with global music superstar Pitbull. The relationship, designed as a creative cross-pollination between the worlds of Pitbull and Playboy, will feature a variety of content, experience, and product-related initiatives. The first example…

Giveaway! Dazzling Christmas With The Stars

We are giving away 3 pairs of tickets to the Dazzling Christmas with the Stars. Held at *Scape Warehouse, , 3-6pm

10 Useless Facts To Impress Your Date

The internet is full of random and useless information. The Metropolitant Team took some time out to plough through many useless sites just to bring you these 10 useless facts! You can try to impress your date with these facts, just don’t expect us to find you a replacement if they decides to dump you.