Live Mix Maestro Returns To Crown A New DJ Champion

13 March 2013, Singapore – Following a successful first year, the Live Mix Maestro Inter-Tertiary DJ competition has returned to scout and award this year’s most talented student DJ. This…

Lenovo Introduces Slim And Powerful Z Series Laptops

22 February 2013, Singapore – Lenovo launched their new Z Series Laptops in Singapore. Equipped with up to third generation standard voltage Intel Core i7 processors, these machines sport the…

CES 2013 – Lenovo

Lenovo launched a series of exciting new products in its lineup, which was announced recently at the Computer Electronics Show (CES 2013).

Latest Offerings From Lenovo

For those of you shopping for a new Windows 8 laptop will be spoilt for choices. Almost every major PC manufacturer has now released their Windows 8 offerings. Here are the latest from Lenovo for your consideration.