Live Mix Maestro Returns To Crown A New DJ Champion

13 March 2013, Singapore – Following a successful first year, the Live Mix Maestro Inter-Tertiary DJ competition has returned to scout and award this year’s most talented student DJ. This event conceptualized by Republic Polytechnic (RP) students in the Electronic…

Lenovo Introduces Slim And Powerful Z Series Laptops

22 February 2013, Singapore – Lenovo launched their new Z Series Laptops in Singapore. Equipped with up to third generation standard voltage Intel Core i7 processors, these machines sport the latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics technology. The laptops are 25 percent…

CES 2013 – Lenovo

Lenovo launched a series of exciting new products in its lineup, which was announced recently at the Computer Electronics Show (CES 2013).

Latest Offerings From Lenovo

For those of you shopping for a new Windows 8 laptop will be spoilt for choices. Almost every major PC manufacturer has now released their Windows 8 offerings. Here are the latest from Lenovo for your consideration.