Bored during lunch time? Need a game? Try Glitch

30 October 2012, Singapore – I get bored easily, and its hard for me to find a game that would visually appeal to the big kid in me. I stumbled upon Glitch, and was attracted to the fresh and original visual styles. Launched about a year ago, Tiny Speck’s free multi-player game allows players to build their own community and quest with their friends.

Questing and exploring the giant world while meeting other players makes up most of the game play. Glitch may look like a children’s game, all done in Flash and with those cute and colorful graphics. It’s a hybrid between an adventure game, a platform game and an MMO(vaguely reminds me of Maplestory).

Navigate the game by moving left or right, jumping up or down, like you would in a platform game. The world is made up of various zones which is the product of one giant’s imagination. Each zone is designed by a different designer, hence the distinct difference in graphic style.

Players work together to build out each new street by cooperating on the completion of projects offered by a “Street Spirit.” A project is made up of stages and numerous small tasks, some of which involve collecting (and sometimes creating) quantities of items from throughout the world and returning them to the Street Spirit. Other tasks on projects involve the skills or labor of players to complete. Involvement in projects thus far have been fairly equitable as to the players level, allowing newbies as well as higher level players to participate in the projects together. At each stage of a project’s completion, participating players are able to vote in the direction that the street project will take, choosing the completed streets’ attributes. Upon completion of the project, participating players are rewarded with benefits. (source: wikipedia)

Enough banter, go try out the game. It is free!

A gameplay video by MMOATTACK

(source: wikipedia)

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