The Haunted Mansion At Fuji Q

30 October 2012, Singapore – Halloween is here and everyone likes a good scare occasionally. But what can be scarier than an abandoned old Japanese hospital? I had the morbid pleasure of visiting this World Record winning haunted attraction when I was residing in Japan.

Fujikyu or Fuji Q Highland amusement is near to Mt Fuji. On a clear day, you will get a magnificent view of Mt Fuji while strolling around the park. Fuji-Q is home to what has got to be the world’s scariest haunted house/hospital.

Dark, dank, creepy and filled with old hospital equipment. For those who play Silent Hill, its exactly like what you experienced in the game. They give you a single little pitiful flashlight, and send you through the longest, most twisted maze you’ve ever been inside of in your life. The scariest thing about this was the suspense. The whole time you’re waiting for something to happen. The actors don’t even really come out much, but you walk by waiting for it, which makes it even scarier. There’s a lot of sounds, like doors closing, hospital equipment beeping, and creaking furnitures, and that will make you you really paranoid.

The actors come up close but do not make physical contact. But they hide really well at the blind corners and they do wait for a good moment to scare the daylights out of you. Some of the actors had flashlights they would shake, bang or shine at you(which may blind you momentarily) and others had little instruments in their mouths that made a weird noises. This haunted mansion keeps you guessing and on your toes throughout the 700meters route. It took me around 50 minutes to finish the trail, but most people run out (exits available for you to run out if you get too scared) or take an hour to finish the whole trail.

I am a fan of their subtle, quiet, more creepy atmosphere. No loud “Boo” or cheap scares like those you get in the movies. Some actors just stand at one corner and by the time your eyes adjust to the darkness and realise someone is staring back in your face, that is creepy. Don’t expect any psycho with a fake chainsaw or a mad man running around with a large chopper.

Thats all I can tell you guys without giving any spoilers! I’ve added a video that I found on youtube that will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Getting there!

From Ueno station,

1. Take Yamanote line to Shinjuku station.
2. Take limited express Azusa to Otsuki station.
3. Take Fujiyoshida line to Fuji Q Highland station.

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