Maki San – Choose Your Own Ingredients Sushi/Salad

1 November 2012, Singapore – Made my way down to The Cathay to review this new sushi outlet. Armed with only trusty iPhone to take pictures, I’m determined to find out if this sushi joint is here to stay. After my 1.5  year stint in Japan, I am almost certain this sushi outlet will not impress.

Photo Credit: Maki San Facebook Page

The outlet is laid out like your typical salad bar with ingredients for your salad or sushi. The seating area is adjacent to the counter where you can have your sushi/salad.  After spending 5 minutes admiring the ‘chefs’ preparing the sushi, I began to wonder how am I going to order my sushi. After a brief moment, the ‘chef’ pointed me to a form which I have to fill up.  This 30-seat outlet allows you to customise your maki sushi right down to the sauce.

There are 2 size you can choose from, and depending of which, you are given a checklist of ingredients to choose from.  ‘Essentials’ includes carrot, corn, roasted tomato, cheese, eggs, steamed ebi, anchovies and many more. ‘Sprinkles’ adds extra flavour and oomph to your selection with sunflower seeds, tempura crunch, turkey bacon bits, chicken floss. Next, choose your ‘House Sauce’ which includes Jap Curry, Sweet Thai Chilli, Wasabi Mayo, Honey Mustard and also their monthly sauce/dressing.

If you ordered the Mega San, then you are entitled to choose from ‘The Special’. The list includes chicken satay, smoked duck, smoked salmon, beef, unagi, tempura prawn, salmon or soft shell crab and some other choices.

Little San ($6.90) : 3 Essentials + 1 Sprinkle + 1 House Sauce

Mega San ($9.90) : 5 Essentials + 1 Special + 1 Sprinkle + 1 House Sauce
Photo Credit: Maki San Facebook Page
So, the verdict.

The cool colors and fancy artwork on their walls totally intrigued me. As for the taste of the sushi, it really depends on your creativity and your customising of the ingredients. Quoting Shawn, my partner in crime at the tasting, “You chose the ingredients and combination, if you don’t find it tasty, just means you are bad at putting ingredients together.”  In my opinion, right pricing, good service and fresh ingredients hardly go wrong.

Photo Credits: Shawn Ng

Add: 2 Handy Road, #B1-17/18, Singapore, Singapore 229233

Tel: 6737 8772

Note: This is an incognito tasting. (Cost of the meal is paid by the reviewer)

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