Experience Authentic Malay Living In Style!

Seri-Chenang Resort & Spa Langkawi
8 November 2012, Singapore – To any Singaporean, Langkawi needs no introduction. The name alone brings images of sun-drenched beaches amidst tropical rainforest that is still vibrant with the exotic flora and fauna. And who can forget the beautiful paddy fields? Soon towards the year-end, you can enjoy not only the beautiful island of Langkawi, but also an authentic Malay living experience! In style no less! Seri-Chenang Resort & Spa Langkawi is set to offer guests the true Authentic Malay Experience through Langkawi’s latest luxury hideaway Malay themed boutique resort. The resort is set to introduce to the world Malay’s true authentic experience through its essence of true unique Malaysian architecture, legendary tradition, valued culture and warmth of people. The photos and artists impressions of the suites that the Metropolitant Team received from Seri-Chenang resort are indeed impressive and luxurious! My personal favorite is Rumah Melaka, while my colleague chose Rumah Selangor because it comes with the in-suite pool (optional).
Rumah Melaka
Rumah Selangor
SO, if you are interested to experience a true Malay living, be sure to make your reservations early! Reservations & Info For reservations, please call 1-300-88-SCRL (or +60-3-6201-7275 from overseas). Visit their website or Facebook page for more information. Website: www.serichenangresort.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/SeriChenang

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