App Of The Week – Nüdifier


25 November 2012, Singapore – The Metropolitant team scour the internet for apps that are useless but ridiculously fun. This week, check out this very entertaining app. This new iPhone app called Nudifier can take any photo and make it look like a censored nude pic, even if the subject is fully clothed. And it is free(smiley face).


You basically choose a photo, or snap a new photo, choose the matching skin tone(choose a tad darker for asians cause it looks more realistic), select the area, and voila!

Try this on your colleague, cats, hamsters, boss, strangers or even your grandparents. Endless hours of fun! Finally, something to do with all those boring family photos, and in time for Christmas, New Year … (evil laughter) Maybe it is time for us to head to the beach!

Send us your pictures and show us your creativity!


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