Cause Pink Is My Favorite Crayon


29 November 2012, Singapore – Tired of being hounded by the persistent idea, I made a trip down to Salon Vim to dye my hair pink. If you ask around about pink hair, you will probably be recommended either Salon Vim or Essensuals Bugis. On a whim, I decided on Salon Vim. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t impress and I will be trying out Essensuals next time.

1)   My hair was not parted properly so now I have more pink hair on one side.
2)   I have 2 stylists working on each side of my head to speed up the dying process resulting in a higher dye and brighter color on one side.

1)   Despite the poor execution, my stylist knew exactly what style I was going for and was able to give good recommendations.
2)   For most part of my hair, the colour turned out really well and matched the exact shade I was going for.

3)   Totally unrelated to my pink hair, but the stylist does very good bangs trimming.

Do not try pink if:

1)You love wearing bright colourful clothes
Having pink hair will probably rule out half your wardrobe.

2)You do not put makeup on a daily basis
With pink hair, you will look very washed out without makeup.

3)You are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle
You have to go back for touch up at least once a month because faded orange/yellow is never going to be in fashion. Also, you will probably be swimming in pink water for a week when you bathe. And if you are wearing light coloured clothes on a rainy day, you’d better hide indoors.

 4) You hate attention
People are bound to stare and judge.

Overall, I love my pink hair to death and I have been getting compliments from friends and colleagues. (Even the conservative ones)

My one recommendation would be that you pair pink hair with coral brown hair colour as it minimizes the colour contrast and makes it less severe. Well, unless you are going for the Gothic or Ah Lian look.

Salon Vim
313 Orchard Rd #04-07/08/09 313@Somerset S(238895)
+65 68847757

For my hair length:
Bleach – $65
Pink dye – $95

6 thoughts on “Cause Pink Is My Favorite Crayon

  1. Hi, can i know how much did you spend in total for this dyeing process? 🙂 Did you do treatment after that?

  2. I think the pink is really awesome!

    In case you ever go back to vim, and if you’re *choy* still not happy with the way it is applied (one side higher than the other, brighter than the other), try telling them and see if they’ll redo for you. actually it would be great to insist on changes. better to give them the chance to correct it than walk out with not so nice hair! ; )

    p.s. I know i’m a sponsored blogger, but I have paid for their services before getting sponsored and have always been satisfied with their work.

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