Review: Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple & Turbo Booster C Powder


9 December 2012, Singapore – Oh boy was I elated when I heard tweets that Philosophy was coming to Singapore! With its gorgeous, simple and sleek counter in CK Tangs, I managed to pick up a few lovely products which I am going to share with you today.

To start off with a little bit of history, Philosophy was founded in 1996 in the US by Christina Carlino.  The first company founded was bio-medic in nature and was intended to be distributed to plastic surgeons and dermatologists. However, she expanded her inspirational vision to create philosophy as she wanted to bridge the gap between doctor-prescribed skincare and retail products. Her aim was to provide women everywhere access to products which were scientifically-proven, with medically-accepted ingredients. Talk about a cost-saving trip to the doctors!

I picked up two awesome products with the help of a lovely sales advisor, the Purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes and the turbo booster C powder, which made it to my list of Holy Grail skincare.


Purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser

This multi-award winning cleanser does an all in one task of removing basic face and eye makeup, without stripping away essential skin oils which prevents your skin from getting too dry. I was skeptical at first as this was a very mildly-foaming cleanser and most girls with oil rigs on their face would definitely shun away. I tried this for a week, and viola! , this helped to cut down the time required for total makeup removal and did not leave an oily residue, unlike most cream based cleansers. I was surprised to find out that toner was not needed as this cleanser does the job as well. Definitely a keeper for travel and short getaways to reduce the bulk in your skincare stash!


Turbo booster C powder

The turbo booster C powder is definitely a revolutionary product and is my favourite product! I have never heard of vitamin C skincare in powdered form. Dermatologists have only recommended vitamin V emulsions/liquids. Vitamin C is usually very unstable in most face creams and usually has a shorter expiry date. Made of 99.8% high potency Vitamin C, the powder is encased in an anti-UV glass bottle which protects against sunlight, maintaining its stability for longer. I mix this with a small scoop provided, in my usual face moisturizer and it dissolved immediately, without any weird scent compared to other vitamin C skincare I have used. After one week, I have discovered my face to be more luminous and evened out.  The best thing about this, it can be used with your favourite serum or moisturizer, which saves another skincare step too!

The cleanser retails at $34 for 240ml and the vitamin C powder at $50 for 7.1g

I’ll let you in on a secret: I am definitely more positive in the mornings! No prizes for guessing why. (The answers are on the product itself!)

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