The Joys of Not-Doing-Anything


15 December 2012, Singapore – Personally I believe that the secret to being happy is to be content with what you have. It does not mean being lazy and losing ambition. Rather it’s a simple appreciation for the here and now.

Weekend mornings are a wonderful example. Sure, a purposeful life would see us rushing out to indulge in some sports, or volunteer work; but too few have waxed lyrical of the simple luxury of sleeping in and rolling around in the comfortable cocoon of your own bed.

Imagine that your pre-set alarm goes off at 8am. But you turn it off, knowing full well that you have nothing to do that day, so you might as well sleep in. Your partner stirs and you move in to find that perfect spot to embrace or be embraced – feeling warm and loved, and so peaceful.

Maybe you don’t go to sleep right away. You recall the dream you were having right before the alarm rang, and smile to yourself. It was a nice dream. Maybe if you can go back there. The pillows feel so soft, and the comforter is cozy.

Sunlight sneaks in and the room takes on an unfamiliar glow. This time on a weekday, you are already out and about, probably downing the third cup of coffee of the day. Today it will be awhile before you have to drag yourself out to find something to eat. Maybe brunch at the café nearby…

The next thing you know, it’s almost noon. A deep stretch finds you alone in bed, so you go to town; arms and legs, back, neck, fingers and toes. Sitting up you find the TV remote and watch cartoons for another half hour. Then partner comes home with breakfast from the fore mentioned café – an apple crumble muffin and hazelnut lattes. Nice… Nothing to do.

Doris Tian

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