Getting To Know Jason Chee, Mr Manhunt Singapore 2012


Gym co-owner, model and Mr Manhunt Singapore 2012 talk to the Metropolitant Team about his career, his achievements and dreams. He is a personal trainer and co-own a boutique fitness gym in the western part of Singapore, Abvolution. Known affectionately by his fans as the “twin brother” of the Korean model Jiho Lee because of his similar looks and for his work in the field of modelling.


His impressive haul of pageant titles includes:

Manhunt Singapore 2009, Mr Physique
Singapore Calendar Guys 2010, Mr physique
Singapore Calendar Guys 2010, Winner
Cleo Bachelor 2011, Bachelor with the hardest bod
Best Model Singapore 2011, Winner
Best Model World 2011, Best in Asia
Manhunt Singapore 2012, Best physique
Manhunt Singapore 2012, True fitness, Mr Physique
Manhunt Singapore 2012, Mr Fabulous Tan
Manhunt Singapore 2012, Mr Coloc
Manhunt Singapore 2012, Winner
Manhunt International 2012, Mr Internet Popularity
Manhunt International 2012, 4th Runner Up

Jason Chee

MT: In order to pursue the goals in your life, what do you have to sacrifice in return for all the that you have achieved so far?

JC: I don’t think I’ve sacrificed anything much. The only thing I can think of is a stable life, due to the nature of the path I chose, its quite radical. Unlike a normal 9-5 office job, things might just happen anytime, nothing might happen at all. I am glad because I don’t have to be an everyday office worker, not that it is not good, but I just can’t sit still in the office. As for physique wise, I only have good things to gain and nothing to lose, in fact it has gotten me a few good friends who shares the same passion as me.

MT: What got you doing this and what are the difficulties you face. Why start a gym and why venture into physical training? Are Pan Asian and Caucasian models more popular in Singapore? If our readers want to be like you, Mr Manhunt Singapore, do you have any advice for them?

JC: Both fitness and modelling weren’t my goal in life. I was from Chemical Process in Singapore Poly when I started my gym regime. My friend and I thought we need to toughen ourselves up for basketball games as I was playing competitively during then. After that, I just continued on till now because I thought it was interesting to see how you can build and sculpt your body. It is something you can control when you work hard.

As for modelling, I never thought I would be a model when I was studying. But after joining a contest 4 years ago, things started to open up and I just went with the flow. It is true that Pan Asians or Caucasians are preferred, but that is also the reason why I decided to press on, proving local Singaporean models can be good too. I really hope that I will be able to make the difference.

MT: Now that you are officially Singapore’s hottest guy, what are your plans moving on?

JC: Thank you for the gracious compliment but I really don’t think I am there yet. Honestly, I am at a crossroad now because there are a few opportunities to choose from. Fitness is my passion and I will definitely be doing that for as long as I can. As for future plans, stay tune to my Facebook fan page, and I will update accordingly.

So folks, if you want to know more about Jason or check out more of his pictures, head over to his fan page!


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