Everyday Fitness Under 15 Minutes (Or Less) Part II


4 April 2013, Singapore – If the idea of going to gym puts you off, your social life is demanding your full attention and you can’t seem to devote any time to exercising, here are some tips to get you started and it’s so easy there’s no excuse not to do it. Besides, it’s fun and you can do it anywhere without incurring any raised eyebrows.

At one point or another, we would have noticed someone else’s backside (to put it mildly) out of envy or just simply admiring it for the various reasons I shall not put it here. Here’s something new for the uninitiated, it is called the glutes that is made up of 3 muscles of which the gluteus maximus is one of the largest muscles that is (almost) always featured prominently, whether we like it or not.

Its size is one of the most characteristic features in humans that support our trunks when we stand/sit upright and if you must know, we are not made for sitting for long periods of time and hence it gets sore when we are at our desks or on long-haul flights sitting for too long.

In the previous feature, engaging our muscles is easy and discreet; and this is the same for our glutes. To ensure that our muscles remain taut and firm, we need to constantly trigger the muscles and doing the glutes this time is just as easy.

While waiting for our drinks at the vending machine, queuing up, stretching or even in the office pantry, we can engage our glutes simply and easily. Here’s how:

Stand up as tall as you can and imagine you’re trying to tiptoe without lifting your heels – simple isn’t it? This action engages both your glutes as well as your quads (known as your thighs) and you can tighten them for 10-15 seconds before relaxing and repeat as much as you like.

For added challenges, try standing with your legs close together, shoulder-width apart with your feet pointing forward and pointing outwards; and feel the different muscles being engaged. For the ladies who like their Loubotins and heels, your calf muscles are also being engaged actively when you do the above-mentioned exercise.

Similarly, repeat as and when as you like because it makes you look taller and more confident when you engage them, and chances of you slouching reduces which in turn reduces back pain; and helps you to strengthen your core. Enjoy the new boost in confidence!

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