Pee Mak Opens 13 June 2013


24 April 2013, Singapore – Pee Mak! Directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun of SHUTTER, 4BIA, PHOBIA 2, HELLO STRANGER, etc, PEE MAK will be hitting the big screens on 13 June!

PEE MAK has performed fantastic results at the box office in Thailand since it opened on 21 March. To date, the movie has grossed over 400 million baht and it broke all the box office records for a Thai film in the domestic market.

PEE MAK stars the popular Mario Maurer from THE LOVE OF SIAM; Davika Hoorne and “the gang of four” who were featured in PHOBIA 2, namely Nuttapong Chartpong, Pongsatorn Jongwilas, Attharut Kongrasriand Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasuk.

PEE MAK, which is a spin-off from the well-known Thai movie NANG NAK, tells a legendary story of Pee Mak and his ghost wife Nak. During beginning of Rattanakosin Dynasty, many Thai men were drafted to serve war. Mak was no exception and had to leave his pregnant wife Nak to join the fight. When war was over, Mak invited his four best friends who he bonded during war to visit his home town and introduced his beautiful wife to them. However there was a rumor that Mak’s wife Nak had died giving birth to her stillborn baby. Is Nak really dead or was it just a rumor? How will Mak choose in the end between reality and love?

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