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21 May 2013, Singapore – After snooping around, we found out that Yellow Submarines is the result of someone’s love for the Philadelphia Cheesesteaks. Grabbing a few buddies, they decided to create something similar, and named it Yellow Submarines! Pretty cute name I must say.  We were attracted by the bright yellow decor and cute sailor outfits the staff wore.


Walking in, we decided to just ask them to recommend us what we should and the guy behind the counter was so nice and polite, we think he may just be the boss. But that aside, we made our orders and here’s our verdict of it!


We asked the gentleman behind the counter to hit us with the special, and he recommended the Yellow Submarines Classic, looking at the picture(above), that looks awesome! So we got that. The best thing about this place? All the sets are below $10. So eat away!


Yellow Submarines Classic (Beef) – Hmmm, doesn’t look quite like the picture, but the gooey density of the cheese and the well marinated beef slices went well together. Love the generous amount of onions within too! I will skip Subway for a day for one of these any time.


Oregano Submarine (Chicken) – While the chicken was well seasoned, it wasn’t as moist and memorable as the Classic (beef) we had. The generous amount of meat in the submarines did make us feel better though.


Single Hit (Beef) – Reminding myself that I’m eating fast food, the burger is pretty decent. Even though the beef patty didn’t wow me, this is still pretty satisfying after a hectic day. And yes, cheese makes everything taste better.


Torpedo Fries – Fries and cheese, uhmmm you can never go wrong with this.  Lather copious amount of cheese on to thick chunky fries, this is our favorite. You will not want to share this, so get a set whenever you order your submarines!

Check out the menu for the price range before you head down and while ya at it, take a look at their Facebook Page too!

Yellow Submarines
Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-110
Toa Payoh, Singapore 310177
Today 10:30 – 22:30

Note: This is an incognito tasting. (Cost of the meal is paid by the reviewer)

Special thanks to the nom nom committee : Joel Chea + Anders Yu

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