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3 June 2013, Singapore – Some people called them a rag-tag group of ‘barbers, thieves and liars’. They replicated their own Panic Room (like any respectable crew would) and broke into it just so you(readers) can have a look-see and share their love and passion – all for just the right price, of course!

Singapore’s very own independent barbering crew, Heist, is proud to present the new pomades to their webstore; The Panic Room!

These pomades have been personally tested by the crew and their friends to ensure their high performance and chosen to suit the needs of local Singaporean men. Weather-safe and street-safe, they are the must-haves for this quarter. As always, the brands that we bring in reflect our support for the smaller independent pomade makers, and also let consumers learn that they are not restricted to only the mass produced ones in the market.

Pomade is a greasy and waxy substance that styles the hair by keeping it slick, neat and shiny. Suitable for pompadours, duck tails and slick-backs, it was popularised in the 50’s with its roots closely tied with the stars of Rock n Roll.

Unlike hair spray and gel, pomade does not dry and flake on the hair. Instead, it can be re-combed with style like mad men of the 60s.

In modern day, pomades come with a variety of different holds, scents and finishing, to suit one’s hair and personality. The new brands being brought in are Bona Fide Pomade, Shiner Gold Pomade, JS Sloane Brilliantine, and also Dr Rubin’s Pomade.



Bona Fide Pomade ($26)

Bona Fide, a self explanatory brand that believes in providing a genuine product at its best quality and price, is designed and crafted to fit all styles of hair for both men and women. It promises to deliver a strong-hold, brilliant-shine, re-comb ability, durability and a light fresh citrus scent that will compliment any style or occasion. Dab on a modest scoop of water-soluble Bona Fide Pomade to start your day and it will guarantee that you will raise eyebrows and turn heads.


Shiner Gold Pomade ($30)

The Greek Mathematician Archimendes had to solve the problem of King Hieron’s golden crown and when he discovered a method to determine if the crown was really gold, he yelled, “Eureka (I found it)!” This story should come to your mind because it took 3 years and 5 labs to produce a water- soluble pomade that met Shiner Gold’s standards! This gold-coloured pomade packs a holiday scent of coconut and almond, good news for cats who dislike strong scented products.


JS Sloane (Heavyweight) Brilliantine ($35)

Founders Joann Kuno and Smutty Smiff grew up in the 70s, amongst the rockers, mods and teds, subcultures that had a strong pride for their style, fashion and music. Inspired by this sense of ownership and pride, the quest for the perfect grooming product began.

JS Sloane Co. Bespoke gentlemen’s grooming products was created, and named after Sloane Square, an iconic place of the 70s that is remembered fondly by the owners.

Casting an eye on golden-age Hollywood nostalgia, JS Sloane Co. Gentlemen’s Brilliantine harks back to this vintage sensibility. Made with the distinguished and refined man in mind, the Heavyweight holds like a traditional American classic brilliantine and pomade, and is water- soluble. You can restyle your hair all day, with this sweet scent and textured brilliantine; keeps hair neat all day!



Dr Rubin’s Pomade ($26)

Dr. Rubin’s Pomade is based upon a formula that was first created in 1944. Dr. Rubin’s famous aroma is over 66 years old. All of their products are handcrafted and hand-poured just outside of Los Angeles, California. Made from only 100% natural ingredients, Dr. Rubin’s pomades use no additives, pesticides, preservatives, or artificial anything. There is the Firm Hold, and the limited edition Batch 36, and Smokestack; did we mention they can be used as lip balms too?


Eagle Fortress Comb ($12)

World-renowned photographer, Anne Leibowitz, once famously remarked, “You’re only as good as your last haircut.” In this she was only partially correct: without the right grooming tools and product even the best haircut doesn’t stand a chance!

The Eagle Fortress Comb is the only comb approved by our Barber Muffyn Liuliu, suitable for use amongst the crew for haircuts and styling. This secret has been kept with us for 3 years, and now we are finally sharing it with our friends for that perfect “just-out-of-the-barber-shop” hair styling!

An awesome name to boot, it’s also anti-static and comes with a good sturdy hold that can last for years. Definitely a comforting assurance that brings a smile to your face when you’re done combing that hair-do every morning.

Sample Bottles (3 for $12)

Curiosity killed the cat and more often than not, burns a hole in them wallets! We know of some cats who want to try a pomade, end up buying and not liking it. So they’ve come up with something for you; choose 3 pomades from our list at 4 dollars per 15ml bottle.

It’s their way to ensure the right pomade matches the right owner!

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