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17 July 2013, Singapore – The Metropolitant Team is always on the look out for young people to inspire our readers with their passion and share their stories. This week, we spoke to Roshan Gidwani, better known as Rosh G.

Rosh-G hails from a mixed background. He grew up in Australia & China and currently lives in Singapore. His passion began when he made a song for a Chinese television station that was picked up by the World Radio Network.




Metropolitant: Hi Rosh, we are keen to know about “The Making of Rosh G”. Every “Celebrity” has their story, what inspired you?

Rosh G: I’m inspired by the ability to put on an unbelievable show that will have the audience’s jaws dropping. I surround myself with the best of the best. That’s why I’m in the AOS crew= AOS = Ace of Spades. Aces are the highest card in the deck of playing cards. We’re the entertainment equivalent. The benefits I get from being me is that I am able to select my circles and who’s in it. I surround myself with innovate, individualistic and ambitious personalities.

As far as sacrifices go, I’ll only take short holidays. Before heading onto the set I’d have gone for an audition which I prepared for. After the shoot, I’ll probably be rehearsing for a show I’ll be filming the next day. While doing this, I’m always plugged in and listening to Rosh-G. ( Once work is complete (it never really is, I’m 24/7) I’ll go for a run to keep fit.

Metropolitant:  What’s next then? What are your future plans and how can we support you in your cause. Any shout out to your fans?

Rosh G: I want to say to everyone that I really am here to be the best possible STAR. With greater popularity and a larger platform I will showcase my vision to the world. What is this vision you may ask.

I am the next MTV VJ, Bollywood’s most prominent cross-over star and an inspiration to anybody who wants to follow their desires. I stand out in this day-and-age because I am brave and undaunted by authority.

I want to be so professional, refined and well-known so that my brand name will never be inflicted or influenced by a third-party. I can only hope that my fans and audiences ask me what my beliefs are before judging me.

Not everyone will agree with me. I’m an Artist and I embrace discrimination.

Metropolitant: Wow, we are sold! And if readers out there wants to be Rosh-Gidwani- The “Showbiz-Extraordinaire” and “Mr.Conspicuous”, what kinda advice would you them?

Rosh G: Look yourself in the mirror. Pick out 3 attributes you want to popularise about your outlook on life.
Be confident in presenting them effortlessly, day in-day out. Voila.

Ed: We thank Rosh G for taking his time off for this interview and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him. Check out his videos and his Facebook fanpage too.

Facebook Page: Rosh G
Instagram: roshg623
Twitter: @roshg623



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