Bring On Your Happy Face With mySKINBAR

26 October 2013, Singapore –  Through research and technologies from Europe and USA, get effective visible results with mySKINBAR ASAP Solutions that contain a new natural research breakthrough of willow bark extract that is more effective than salicylic acid in eliminating acne with gentle effect, bringing out a new happier you with radiance and confidence.

Check out the featured range of products from mySKINBAR!

Restore confidence by looking flawless with a simple skincare routine that eliminates acne problems with mySKINBAR’s Corrector Gel. $45 – 15ml


Strengthen your skin’s defences and reduce skin sensitivity with our Youth Revitalizing Toner that contains natural goodness such as Spring Sea Water, Pumpkin Seed extract and Red Algae extract. $88 – 200ml


Firm up your skin and start looking younger with mySKINBAR’s Lifting Emulsion that promotes skin cells and collagen renewal. Clinical studies conducted in France have shown that skin’s texture, density and firmness become 10 years younger after 42 days of treatment. $138 – 30ml


Lighten up your skin and glow with radiance with our spot correction products such as the Youth Revitalizing Milk Cleanser that boost skin renewal by refreshing the top layers of the skin with spot pigmentations. $88 – 200ml


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mySKINBAR is located at Park Mall, 9 Penang Road, #08-08 for walk-in consultations or call 63331229 for appointments.

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