Reward For Slaying The Dragon in Hardcore Mode: $10,000



Dragon Nest SEA, the biggest Multiplayer Online Action Role-Playing Game in South East Asia, has announced the availability of the Hardcore mode in the Desert Dragon‘s Nest. After the Memoria series of contests in the earlier stages of the tournament, the challenge will conclude with players attempting to take down the Desert Dragon in Hardcore mode, testing players on their teamwork and precision, with a total of S$10,000 in cash reward for the five fastest teams who win.

The Desert Dragon’s Nest is the newest dungeon raid in the game as well as the hardest one to date. Players will be rigorously tested on their teamwork, intercommunication and their understanding of the game mechanics to help them with this dungeon. The dungeon is open to players who are level 60 or above, and in a party of between five to eight players. Players can select a difficulty level that they are comfortable with, ranging from Practice, Easy, Normal to Hardcore.

The Desert Dragon Challenge is split into four contests, of which the first three parts have already concluded:

  • 5th November – 11th November – Memoria Part II
    • Fastest 5 teams to defeat Storm Master Zuu & Spitflower Ignis will win SGD1,000 ( total of SGD5,000 to be won)
  • 12th November – 18th November –  Memoria Part III
    • Fastest 5 teams to defeat Sandworm Hazal, Storm Master Zuu & Loyal Follower Kajif will win SGD1,000 (total of SGD5,000 to be won)
  • 19th November – 2nd December – Memoria Part IV
    • Fastest 5 teams to defeat Desert Dragon Jakard will win SGD 2,000 (total of SGD 10,000 to be won)

The last and final part of the Desert Dragon Challenge requires players to take down the Desert Dragon in Hardcore mode, putting their abilities to the ultimate test.

  • 6rd December – 6th January 2014 – Desert Dragon Hardcore

Fastest 5 teams or first 5 teams to clear the Desert Dragon Nest in Hardcore mode, depending on the total number of participating teams, will win SGD2,000 per team (total of SGD10,000 to be won)


 “Teamwork is a core requirement in clearing advanced levels of Dragon Nest, and it is certainly a value we want our players to take away from the game,” said Mr Addison Kang, Vice-President of Shanda Games International. “The Hardcore mode of the Desert Dragon Nest requires players to take cooperation and determination to a whole new level, and we hope our incentives from the Challenge will give them added inspiration to clock their best possible time in defeating our hardest boss character yet.” 

Dragon Nest has launched in Japan, Taiwan, China and Korea, and has garnered much popularity amongst players for its breath-taking graphics and action-packed gameplay. Currently, Dragon Nest SEA is one of the most popular game service with more than 870,000 fans on its Facebook fan page.

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