Interview – Victor Cui (ONE Fighting Championship)

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Headquartered in Singapore, ONE Fighting Championship is Asia’s largest mixed martial arts organization. ONE Fighting Championship has partnered with STAR Sports, for an unprecedented 10-year cable television deal with a coverage that spans 70+ countries across the world. Mr Victor Cui is the CEO/Owner of ONE Fighting Championship which is widely regarded as being the biggest in Asia.

He has a black belt in Taekwondo, and has been a fan of Mixed Martial Arts ever since watching UFC 1. The Metropolitant Team speaks to Mr Victor Cui to know more about him and One FC.

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MT: What made you decide to start One FC after your previous employment. What are the motivating factors.

VC: I saw a great opportunity that simply cannot be missed. Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. Asia is the birthplace of martial arts with history that dates back thousands of years, so it just makes sense that the best mixed martial arts organization should come from Asia. You have so many martial arts discipline to draw from such as Washu, Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai, Slat etc and now world champions in those disciplines can test themselves against other world champions.

MT: 2013 has been a great year for One FC, what are the plans you have in 2014. – Expansion into Asia?

VC: The demand of ONE FC all across Asia is at its peak and we will definitely hold a record number of shows in 2014. Our Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines fans were so blown away by our past events and have been clamouring for our return. Fans in North and East Asia will also finally be able to catch a ONE FC show live in person in 2014!

MT: What are your thoughts when Shinya Aoki and Eddie Ng rejected UFC’s contract and chose to stay with One FC?

VC: It is a testament to their confidence in ONE FC’s potential. We are selling out 20,000 seater arenas all across Asia and they are excited about where the organization is going and want to be a part of something special. As an Asian fighter, there is nowhere else you will rather be.

MT: Now that Ben Askren has joined the formidable One FC team, what are your plans for him?

VC: Ben Askren is the best Welterweight in the world and joins a talent-loaded ONE FC Welterweight division. I know fans all over the world are clamouring to see Askren in action and he will make his much-anticipated debut in March or April.

MT: One FC is regarded as Asia’s biggest after your sold our shows in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. After signing the 10 years deal with Star Sports, what’s next?

VC: We have had phenomenal success in the short time we have been in business, but this is by no means the pinnacle of the sport. We are just getting started and the next step is to make mixed martial arts the premiere sport in the continent.

MT: MMA has taken Asia by a storm. With so many MMA gyms around, do you have any advice for budding talents wanting to hone their craft?

VC: We recently announced the ONE Asia Amateur MMA series that will be implemented in 2014. It will feature a new network of amateur events for budding mixed martial artists to continuously improve while gaining precious experience. The series will take place all across Asia and will give amateurs a much-needed platform to showcase their talents. The cream of the crop will have the opportunity to get a contract with ONE FC.

MT: Do you have any advice for budding MMA fighters?

VC: Train hard, do well in the amateur series, prove that you are the best in Asia and you may be getting a call from ONE FC soon!

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With that, we are very thankful that Mr Victor Cui took time this year end holiday season to grant us this interview! So, watch out for more MMA action in 2014 from One FC.

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