Their Milk Shake Taste Better Than Yours! – Makeshake


We thought girls make better milkshakes, but boy we are wrong. Makeshake the brainchild of Seth Lui, Chief Milkshaker gives you the freedom of customisable premium milkshake concept in Singapore. Yes, you fickle people, rejoice. With pure perseverance, research and risking lactose overdose, Seth was determined to develop the perfect home-made ice cream base for milkshakes. The result is a taste you can never get anywhere else.

So, how exactly do you bring the boys to the yard with YOUR own milkshake?



What? You are still undecided? Fine, you can just go for the easy option of trying some of their yummy concoction!



So, if you are up for the challenge of sucking hard for some thick delectable milkshake, head down to MakeShake located at 1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point Mall, #02-K3, Singapore 648886.

Want to know more? Check out their website here.


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