Delectable Meals Onboard AirAsia Singapore With Yes 933 DJs


When there’s nothing else to do but sit in a chair and look at the back of someone’s head on a plane, meals have been used to distract passengers from the crushing monotony of flight. But as long as passengers have been flying, they’ve been disappointed by the quality of in-flight meals. Why haven’t airlines been able to design menus that can survive the scrutiny of diners at 30,000 feet?  AirAsia proved us wrong with some of the items they served us on our flight.

We were glad to be invited aboard AirAsia’s flight to Bangkok and were served some of the delectables inflight meals. Yess 933 DJs Jia Fa and Pei Fen were there to serve us the delicious meals to everyone and also to get the feedback off the passengers onboard the flight.

We tried a few items from the AirAsia inflight menu, and this is what we think of it.


Green Curry Chicken with Rice

We were so glad that the curry was separated from the rice, and it was served piping hot. The rice were not soggy from the green curry and it was as good as the ones you get in Thai Express. Not too spicy but the fragrant green curry made us ate more white rice than we should!

DSC00047 DSC00053
Mango Sticky Rice

When we were told they are serving Mango Sticky Rice, I expected it to be a disaster. Either the mango was too soggy or the rice too grainy. But this sweet dessert made us really happy. Ok, we tried to ask for second helpings, but they were out of it. We requested to pay for this dessert on our flight back from Bangkok but they didn’t have it. This has got to be our favourite item from now on. Try it the next time you fly Air Asia, you won’t be disappointed.

DSC00067 DSC00070

Tortilla Wrap

While this dish isn’t the best on our list, but this in fact the healthier option for those not wanting to ingest rice due to various reasons. This is also one of the non spicy option. So why not?



Thai Basil Chicken Rice

We loved this dish, while the flavouring and the tender chicken made this dish almost irresistible, the spiciness of the dish killed my tastebud. It was a tad too spicy even for our chilli fanatic editor. You can either order 2 bottles of water with this or skip this dish if you can’t take spicy food. Not for the faint hearted.

We would like to thank AirAsia Singapore for hosting us on this fantastic trip and we look forward to trying other dishes on the menu! You can follow them on the following social media and check out the great fares anytime. Oh, don’t forget to book the “Hot Seats” if you are slightly chubby (we prefer the word fat) like our editor.

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