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We are awfully excited that Journey: Wrath of Demons has been successfully funded. Based on the Chinese mythology, Journey To The West, four Pilgrims band together to search ancient China for the Sutras, sacred scriptures that will bring salvation to a world overrun with Demons. After fighting different Bull Demon minions, the climax of the game is the battle against the Bull Demon King.


1 to 4 players control the four Pilgrims and the game’s AI controls the Demons and other creatures. Game cards and custom dice combine for fast, tense action and critical choices enhance the Pilgrims’ skills during the game. Around 10 quests are included, each taking about 30 minutes to 2 hours. Diverse playing styles are possible, always with a strong emphasis on cooperation. Do you ruthlessly hack and slash, killing all Demons in the Pilgrims’ path? Or take a more virtuous path, cleansing the Demons’ souls. Your decisions affect the Pilgrims’ abilities, skills and equipment.

1553379_622072521163416_1749911720_oSolo play is enabled with no changes to the rules, 1 player simply controls all four Pilgrims.

Chinese Mythology gives Journey a large pool of art, architecture, and drama to draw upon. The striking map tiles, tokens, cards and highly detailed miniatures capture the Pilgrims and their world perfectly. But the themes run much deeper – skills, weapons, harmful conditions, custom dice and the Karma game mechanic stay true to the environment, fully immersing the players in the game world.


This is possibly the coolest board game ever.

The boxes will be 30cm by 30cm by 30cm in size and will weigh about 5-6lbs. This is a sizeable game. First the plastic miniatures list. The core box started at 33 miniatures:

• 4 Pilgrims: The Monkey King, Tripitaka, Cho Hakkai, Monk Sha

• 3 Demon Lords: Koorogg the Bull Demon King, Yazuiji the Empress Iron Fan, Kogaiji (Koorogg’s son)
• 2 Borrack Bull Generals
• 3 Boof Bullserkers
• 5 Bharhaz Bull Archers
• 15 Berrok Bull Warriors (1 pose but two weapons)
• 1 Kei Lun Heavenly Creature

Check out more of the game here!

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