SMU’s Samba Malasa Presents The Samba Xperience


Ever recall the nostalgic sounds of the past? The sounds of pens clicking, slight coughing in class which seemed casual back then? Ever recall the good old days in the army? Where rhythmic stomping of boots kept you energized in the jungle? Ever recall the hidden desire to dance and sing like nobody is watching while you rush your paperwork?

Now is your chance to relive these moments. The Samba Xperience promises a performance to redefine what it means to put on an exhilarating and electrifying show.

In celebration of our 10th birthday, Singapore Management University’s Samba Malasa presents The Samba Xperience – a concert like no other, yours to create.  With a Matinee and Night show held at 2pm and 8pm respectively at the LASELLE College of the Arts – The Singapore Airlines Theatres, everyone is highly encouraged to come join in the fun, celebrating a decade of milestones on 9 February 2014.

It is time to show your support for the young talents of Samba Masala. Expect the Unexpected.
Tickets are priced at $18(Matinee) and $22(Night) respectively and are available at: 

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