Single? 10 Ways To Survive Valentine’s Day Alone

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So you are single,  and Valentine’s day is coming. Or you might just be one of those on Perma-Friendzone status. Fret not, we have 10 ways to get you through this very (very) commercial day that simply exist to milk your dollars.



1. You don’t need a date. It’s not the end of the world!  You’re better off alone than being in a toxic relationship that’s causing you more pain and emotional stress.

2. Plan a night out with the rest of your friends. Celebrate by dressing up, have lunch with your friends or watch a movie. Just because it’s Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to celebrate it. Do something that will take your mind off things.

3. Buy yourself a nice bottle of wine. Who says you’re not worth a $20 bottle or a tub of ice cream. Avoid watching romantic sappy love movies, go watch horror instead. You will not care if you are single when Pontianak is staring at you behind your curtains.

4. Buy yourself flowers. You deserve pretty things, doesn’t matter if its a gift or you have to buy it for yourself. Go on, swipe that card.

5. Throw a little extra cash in the coffee shop tip jar in the morning. Say thank you to the guy bagging your groceries — and mean it. Little things add up, and will boost your mood like crazy.

6. Spend a little extra time at the gym. Yes, channel all your energy to busting your butt at the gym. Kill time in the steam room. Endorphins work wonders, and before you know it, your lonely Valentine’s day just got hot ‘n sweaty anyway.

7. Get on social apps. Be it Blendr or Grinder, there will be hundreds of lonely hearts checking out that app. You are not alone.

8. Realize that Valentine’s Day is only made for money. It’s just a ploy to get you to pay $50 more for a dinner or a stalk of rose.

9. Spend Valentine’s Day with a friend or family. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be with a partner; it can be with a friend or family and you can show them how much you care by going out and buying them a rose.

10. Avoid braggers. People who brag about their partner will get you down, so avoid people like this. Or rather, remove these people from your life. Avoid Facebook and spend time with someone who is single on Valentine’s Day so you both can understand how you both feel.


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