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Zumba has become one of the most phenomenally popular group classes in the last few years. With the launch of Zumba Step, things are just getting spiced up the Zumba way. The Metropolitant Team took up the challenge to attend the first ever Zumba Step class at Virgin Active Singapore. Our very overweight editor has proven that Zumba Step is easy to learn and follow if you take some time to do 2-3 lessons.

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Stepping up and down of a step helps train the muscles in your lower body helping you eliminate edema leg swelling restoring blood and lymph circulation that comes together giving your metabolism the boost it needs to promote weight loss you can see. So, if you need to burn off some extra weight or strengthen your core muscles and have a nicer rear posterior, check up the Zumba Step class.

It’s Zumba, but with the ingenious addition of a step. Alberto Perlman, co-founder of Zumba, explains, “I’ve seen steps stacked in the corner, collecting dust in gyms all over the world — and we’re now going to put them to use like never before. With Zumba Step, we’ve revolutionised an exercise classic.”

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Zumba Step is a pulsating combination of the upbeat rhythms of Zumba and the glute-shaping elements of a Step class. The result is a lower-body sculpting workout that’s fun, easy to follow, and gives amazing results. And like all Zumba programmes, Zumba Step is more than a physical workout – it also lifts your spirits and makes you smile (we all smiled when we saw our editor jiggle to the beat).

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If you fancy a stepped-up Zumba class – or a Zumba’d up Step class – you’d better get your booty down to Virgin Active Singapore. That’s the only place you’ll find Zumba Step.

Some benefits of a Zumba Step class?

Burn lots of calories for a slimmer and fitter body
Improve your strength through core conditioning
Improve your coordination
Increase your heart and lung capacity through a full-body cardio workout

For more information, visit their website! http://www.virginactive.com.sg

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