Bring On The Party With Jabra Solemate Max


Get the partystarted with Jabra’s new Solemate Max wireless sneaker speaker – the big brother of Jabra’s family of popular wireless speakers. This boom box-style, high-fidelity speaker has no cables to worry about and doesn’t compromise on sound quality. In fact, the Jabra Solemate Max is so powerful that no one who has tested it has dared to turn the volume up to its maximum.

As a part of the Jabra Sound app, Jabra has also teamed up with Dolby to include a Sound Space Expander that surrounds users with superb stereo so every instrument can be heard clearly for a richer sound experience.


Decked out in a high-tech steely hue, the Solemate Max is fitted with Jabra’s trademark rugged speaker sole so it can be taken outside for summer barbecues, rooftop parties or trips to the park. One can simply pick it up by the handle and let the music follow. Whether it’s music from a personal music library or streamed YouTube content, the Solemate Max can play anything through the Jabra Sound App – in enhanced Dolby sound. Solemate Max easily transforms into a portable entertainment centre.

The Jabra Solemate Max is retailing at $438 and is now available at Apple premium resellers Epicentre, Infinite, iStudio, Nubox; at selected Challenger stores, Gadget World, Tech@Vogue, and all other authorised Jabra resellers.

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