Wheeler’s Yard – An Honest Review


One of our readers wrote in and said “You guys have got to check out this new hipster cafe called Wheeler’s Yard! Such a pretty place!” And so the team did.  We went down one lazy weekday afternoon to see what the hype was about.



The cafe occupies an entire warehouse, high ceiling and the location is peppered with hipster bicycles. Hard to get to location + raw and untreated decor, this hipster cafe is a joy to photograph. Expect good looking girls with their dates mulling over a cup of watered down coffee. No wait, watered down coffee? Yes, the coffee is nothing to rave about.




Previously a rundown carpentry workshop, is converted into a pretentious cafe. The service staff were not as friendly or bubbly as you would expect from the cafe that charges almost $20 for a big breakfast. Walking twice to the counter just to collect my coffee followed by my food really annoyed me when the cafe was practically empty. Oh, the staff has no idea what you ordered, giving you and oblivious look while demanding for your receipt.




We took their recommendation and ordered a Big Breakfast and a Beef Burger. Unfortunately, the portions weren’t impressive and the Big Breakfast was an amalgamation of very cheap items and badly cooked bacon. NOBODY LIKES SOGGY BACON! The Beef Burger was lackluster in taste and the presentation not appealing when the topping was just onions.




“Are you saying I shouldn’t visit Wheeler’s Yard!?”

Nope, you can head down, take some pictures, Instagram it, Facebook it, and tell the whole world you’ve been here. Period.  If you want a place to sit down for a coffee (if you are not picky about it), soak up the hipster atmosphere and rub shoulders with other youths busy instagramming their food, Wheeler’s Yard is a perfect place for you.

Another place that serves quality food with the price you’ll fork out at Wheelers Yard? Try Grub.




*This is an incognito tasting and the price of the food is paid in full by the reviewer

28 Lorong Ampas Singapore 328781
Tel: 6254 9128
Website: http://www.facebook.com/wheelersyard

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri – 11am to 7pm
Sat to Sun – 11am to 8pm

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13 thoughts on “Wheeler’s Yard – An Honest Review

  1. Food looks half-hearted, and watered down coffee with 2 teeny-weeny biscuits?! I get better coffee at Dimbulah and heck, I bet Starbucks shell out better packaged food than the cooked ones.. Or at least I like Starbucks’ wrap.

  2. Service time was really long, even for a cup of coffee and a cupcake. The cupcake that finally arrived was really dry – must had been sitting in the fridge for quite some time. The coffee itself is decent, but not great.

    But its a spectacular space that can be considered for big events (get your own caterer).

  3. havent been there yet, but have seen reviews from others.. most do have the same result as yours, but soaking oneself in the atmosphere for the experience does worth a visit 🙂

    1. you are right. but it’s just not worth the price. I do hope they take it positively. not out to diss them. the place is nicely done up.

  4. My bf had to go to the counter to collect our food and drinks four times, when there were a bunch of girls (if not servers I wonder what) hanging around behind the counter squealing over some stuff. The truffle fries was horrible, barely any truffle taste even macs fries taste better.

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