SURFSET To A Leaner And Toner Body


The SURFSET workout method is a fitness program inspired by the sport of Surfing. SURFSET is a one of a kind workout, combining elements of aerobic fat burning, lean muscle build, and balance & core training in one 45-minute routine, performed on top of a custom made unstable surfboard.


Drawing inspiration from the adventurous spirit of surfers, and each workout is designed to push your limits as it focuses heavily on the core, where all your strength and body control stem from. Imagine combining the cardio benefits of Spinning with the muscle toning of TRX training & the core and balance benefits of Yoga & Pilates.


SURFSET can be classified as a form of core stability training. Core stability training is essential to sports performance and injury prevention. The body’s core muscles are the foundation for all other movement. The muscles of the torso stabilise the spine and provide a solid foundation for movement in the extremities.

These core muscles lie deep within the torso. They generally attach to the spine, pelvis and muscles that support the scapula. When these muscles contract, they stabilize the spine, pelvis and shoulders and create a solid base of support. We are then able to generate powerful movements of the extremities.


All you need to bring is a positive attitude, a towel and a water bottle. Do arrive early to fill in your registration form and get changed. Fret not, they have a water dispenser to keep you fully hydrated!

454B Joo Chiat Road, 3rd Storey
Singapore 427667
(2 mins walk from I12 Katong)

Phone: +65 9751 0793


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