Why Jabra’s New Solemate Max Is Our Favourite Portable Speaker


Jabra’s new Solemate Max wireless sneaker speaker is fitted with Jabra’s trademark rugged speaker sole so it can be taken outside for summer barbecues, rooftop parties or trips to the park. We were given a review set and boy did we bring this baby out for a ride.

We brought Jabra’s new Solemate Max to 3 locations to see if the sound was truly as loud enough for an outdoor party.

1) Sentosa (Tanjong Beach)

Solemate Max is definitely capable of filling a room, but what about at the beach? Will it get drowned out by the ambient noise? We position the speaker 2 gazebo away from Tanjong Beach Club, plugged in our favourite Hardwell track (wirelessly of course!) and let the music loose. At the maximum volume, the customers at Tanjong Beach Club could hear our music and asked what portable speakers are we using. And even at the distance of 2 beach volleyball courts away, yes, they were grooving to our music.

2) School HallSchool-Hall01

Next, we tried out the speaker in a School Hall. We can’t name the school as we sneaked in on a weekend. Placed the speakers on the stage, and boom, the entire hall came alive with Adele (we wanted to roll in the deep this time). And we could hear the music 1 floor down. That’s how loud it was. Do note the school was empty and hence it was a quieter environment.

3) Pulau Ubin


Fine, so the music rocks and it sounds good. Up the challenge a notch, we brought the speaker to Pulau Ubin for a cycling trip.  It boasts 14 hours of battery life on a full charge, so let see if its true! After a day at Pulau Ubin, lets just say Jabra’s new Solemate Max outlasted us for sure. We cranked it up to full volume and after 8 hours, it was still going strong. We had 1 pair of elderly telling us off as we were way too loud and ended up with 2 groups of teenagers cycling behind us for the music. We weren’t allowed to play the music on board the boat so we had to shut it down.

After spending a month with the Jabra’s new Solemate Max, we were wishing the PR company forgot the loaned us the speaker. But sadly, they remembered. We are so unwilling to return the speaker just proves this is our favourite portable blue tooth speaker. Till we meet again Solemate Max!

Why is it so awesome?

Great volume and sound quality
Long lasting battery life
Durable/Rugged casing


A little too expensive


Jabra Solemate Max key features and specifications:
• Two tweeters, two woofers, a custom-designed bass slave and Dolby Sound Space Expander that plays your music wirelessly, the way it should be heard
• A rechargeable battery for 14 hours of listening pleasure, plus you can charge your phone while playing your music
• Resistance to dirt, dust and water so you can venture outdoors
• A high-tech design that looks as good in your living room as it does out in the
• No wires and easy pairing with Bluetooth® or NFC
• Weight: 3.27 kg
• Dimensions: 30.2 cm (l) x 10.2 cm (w) x 13.8 cm (h)

The Jabra Solemate Max is retailing at $438 and is now available at Apple premium resellers Epicentre, Infinite, iStudio, Nubox; at selected Challenger stores, Gadget World, Tech@Vogue, and all other authorised Jabra resellers.

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