TRISWIM Hair and Body Collection – Athletic Personal Care


TRISWIM Hair and Body Collection is conceptualised by triathlete and USAT certified coach Karen Allard. TRISWIM brings a competitive edge to beauty and glamour found in salon quality shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. TRISWIM which hails from the USA is made for men, women and children living the hectic metropolitan lifestyle that involves balancing their busy lives and enjoying the outdoors, all the while exposing themselves to harmful environmental particles.
Created in labs famous for their scientific research for personal care, TRISWIM is especially suitable for people who experience prolonged exposure to chlorinated water or salt water which result in extreme dryness and damage to hair and skin.

TRISWIM Shampoo contains five sequestering agents that bind to chlorine, copper deposits and other damaging elements that collect on hair, allowing them to be safely washed off, leaving your hair hydrated and nourished with organic Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, E and ProVitamin B5, and a refreshing citrus smell. Coupled with TRISWIM Conditioner, your hair’s natural moisture is enriched, leaving hair silky smooth.
TRISWIM Body Wash with an invigorating Japanese Yuzu citrus scent, clears clogged pores as it deeply moisturises skin with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and ProVitamin B5, and the TRISWIM Body Lotion then seals in the necessary moisture with additional plant-based ingredients, guaranteed to protect your skin from harmful environmental stress.

TRISWIM is paraben free and does not use any form of animal cruelty. It is manufactured with Solar and Green Technology that maximizes energy efficiency, minimizes waste, reduces climate- damaging emissions, and encourages environmental values.

TRISWIM is packaged in convenient 8oz sized individual tubes, and priced from S$17.90 to $19.90. The range is currently available at, the online store of exclusive distributor ‘pout’. 

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