4 Products From Tefal That Will Make Your Life A Breeze


Busy schedules? Hectic work commitments? We check out 4 shiny new products from Tefal that’ll make your life a breeze! The 4 TEFAL kitchen helpers – Tefal Infiny Press Revolution, Tefal Toast N’ Egg, Tefal Soup & Co, and Tefal Actifry – all of which were designed with the consumers’ fast-paced lifestyle in mind and each fits effortlessly into the modern and contemporary kitchen.


Tefal Infiny Press Revolution
Start the morning off right with a tall glass of cold pressed juice. With its state of the art juice press technology, the Tefal Infiny Press
Revolution extracts 35 percent more juice than a conventional juicer or blender. The Infiny Press has a large central drill that slowly grinds the fruits and vegetables at 80 revolutions per minute, ensuring minimal heat is applied to the fruits and vegetables which could destroy valuable and essential enzymes and nutrients. Juice extracted with the Infiny Press retains 30 percent more Vitamin C; and 75 percent more essential antioxidants than conventional juicers.
The Tefal Infiny Press Revolution comes with two filters (fine and coarse) and two 1L jugs for collecting juice and pulp separately. All detachable parts of the machine are also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. RRP S$449.00


Tefal Toast N’ Egg
The most important meal of the day can now be prepared with one slick machine! The Tefal Toast N’ Egg saves time and space with its compact design and multiple functions. Combining a toaster, half-boiled and poached egg steamer and meat warmer, the Tefal Toast N’ Egg is the perfect solution for a hassle free and
fast breakfast. The wide toaster slots easily accommodate thick-cut slices of bread, muffins, croissants and bagels. The warmer tray is ideal for heating up or keeping warm pre-cooked meats such as bacon or ham. Crumbs are collected in an easy-to-clean tray and removable parts make cleaning a breeze. RRP S$69.90



Tefal Soup & Co
The Tefal Soup & Co is a versatile and easy-to-use 3-in-1 kitchen helper – soup maker, blender and steamer! To create a soup, simply place desired ingredients into the 1.8L stainless steel jar and set to boil. For Asian style or chunky soups that do not require blending, simply use the manual function to prepare the dish. For blended soups, there are two programmes to make fine or coarse soups. For added convenience, you can simultaneously steam vegetables or meat in a metal basket which sits above the soup. Once ready, the Tefal Soup & Co automatically keeps the food warm till ready to serve. It also has five blending speeds, a pulser, timer and temperature control function. This appliance is also able to crush ice for fruit smoothies, and milkshakes. RRP S$399.00



Tefal ActiFry
Enjoy healthier cooking and delicious results with Tefal Actifry. With the specially designed ceramic coated, scratch resistant pan, one only needs a spoonful (20ml) of oil to cook up healthier options of favourite dishes such as chicken wings, fried potatoes, stir-fry vegetables and more. The patented pulsed hot-air circulation system maintains a cooking temperature of 170 degrees Celsius which helps preserve the nutritional value of ingredients while the patented automatic stirring paddle offers hands-free mixing. The Tefal Actifry is also ideal for local style stir-fries and gravy-based dishes. A see-through cover ensures a clear view of the food as it cooks and a 60-minute timer means one is able to set the desired cooking time while getting on with other household chores. Tefal ActiFry’s paddle and cooking pan are detachable for easy cleaning. RRP S$459.00

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