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Coffee drinking in Singapore has reached a new level when there are estimated 1,200 baristas here  in Singapore. A clear indication of how upmarket players such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Spinelli, The Coffee Connection and Gloria Jean’s have established themselves over the past 15 years.

But there is also a segment of the consumers who prefer to brew their own coffee. Their choice would be limited to Nespresso, Dolce Gusto or expensive coffee making machine if they want a hot freshly brewed coffee. One Fresh Cup is hailed as Southeast Asia’s first “mobile” drip coffee brewer. This  revolutionary coffee brewing concept that offers avid coffee drinkers the ability to brew a fresh cup of gourmet drip coffee in just minutes, anytime, anyplace, without the use of a coffee maker.

Selecting only the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from around the world, each serving of One Fresh Cup contains 100% fresh ground coffee, roasted to its specific standards. Each sachet of One Fresh Cup is conveniently packed with a premeasured amount of fresh ground coffee in a cleverly engineered filter brewer system that attaches, sets, and brews directly into your favourite mug. The wide opening of the filter brewer allows for maximum “breathing and tumbling room”, which extracts the finest coffee aroma.
To maintain its freshness, all coffee beans are packed within 12 hours of grinding and then nitrogen- flushed before it is individually sealed in a multi-layered aluminium foil. Based on results from numerous in-store taste tests, discerning coffee drinkers find the taste of One Fresh Cup coffee comparable or better than coffee served from a gourmet coffee house. What’s more amazing is that 70% of all One Fresh Cup consumers have made repeat purchases.

One Fresh Cup is ideal for small family households or offices where each individual can enjoy his or her own favorite coffee. The convenience of One Fresh Cup is perfect for family outings, or business travel. Presently, One Fresh Cup features an assortment of six flavors to choose from, including a decaffeinated option for those who want to enjoy the taste of coffee without the effects of caffeine.

An information guide is also printed on the back of each sachet, indicating the source of the coffee beans and their levels of acidity, aroma, roast and body. Take it full-black or add a tinge of cream or sugar to suit your coffee habit.
No need for expensive coffee makers or cumbersome filters. Start your drip coffee experience simply by following these four steps:

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Tear filter on top along perforation
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Pull bottom of hangers away from the filter and hang the bag on a 180cc coffee cup
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Pour just enough boiled water (85-90 ̊ to 4. Slowly add hot water circularly into the filter wet coffee ground for 5-10 seconds at first
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Slowly add hot water circularly into the filter in small intervals, and discard the filter bag before drinking. No more messy clean ups and wasted coffee!

Each sachet of One Fresh Cup coffee is meant for a one-time use only, to retain its premium quality and taste. A box of 50 servings (S$60) can be purchased directly from its website: http://www.onefreshcup.com.sg. To ensure that the coffee is delivered to the doorstep in its freshest condition, 7-10 days are required for the processing and the delivery of products.


A box of 50 servings (S$60) can be purchased directly from its website: http://www.onefreshcup.com.sgfree shipping is provided.


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