Nox – Dining In Total Darkness


How would you feel if you could not see and were living in total darkness? Can you tell what you are eating? We all have moments watching Hell’s Kitchen, exclaiming how they can get certain ingredients wrong while they were blindfolded. Can you have a full 3 course dinner in total darkness and be able to tell what you ate?


Seated in their pitch-black dining room, you will be guided and served by blind or visually impaired individuals who have been specially trained to offer guidance and reassurance to sighted guests. It is a truly a humbling experience when the roles are reversed and the blind become your eyes, opening your mind to a deeper consciousness. This affinity leads to mutual trust and respect, and a realization of the value of their work and overall ability to carry out tasks.


Upon your arrival at Nox – Dine in the Dark, you will be welcomed by their friendly staff and escorted to the lounge area where you will be briefed on the concept and what you can expect from your dining experience. Sip on a cocktail while you wait to be enthralled by a 3-course mystery menu that will have you discovering subtleties of flavor you never knew existed. A vegetarian and/or vegan menu is available upon request.



At the end of your dinner, you will be led out of the dining area by your guide. Look down towards the ground as you proceed out into the light and to open your eyes slowly because your eyes may have become hypersensitive to light after a duration in complete darkness. As you enter the lounge area, you will be presented pictures and descriptions of what you have eaten earlier, and you can compare it with your impressions and guesses of them.

To find out more:

Option 1.  3-Course Mystery Set Menu: S$88++
Option 2.  3-Course Mystery Set Menu with 2 glass wine pairing: S$118++
Option 3.  3-Course Mystery Set Menu with 3 glass wine pairing: S$128++

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