New Casio PRO TREK Series Is The Ultimate Outdoor Companion


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Casio Singapore adds the new PRW-6000 series to its PRO TREK range of high-performance outdoor time pieces. The new series is armed with a first-of-its-kind hand-concealment function for a clearer view of digital display and Casio’s latest Triple Sensor Ver.3 technology for optimal outdoor performance.

“When crafting the PRW-6000, our engineers at Casio sought expert opinions from professional alpinist and mountain guides to derive the perfect formula that combines style and enhanced functionality. We are proud to introduce this new series to our high- spec PRO TREK range as the best companion for any outdoor pursuits,” said Mr Koyu Kotani, Assistant General Manager, Timepiece Division, Casio Singapore.

The PRW-6000 comes fitted with a wider LCD screen and an innovative function to move the dials away temporarily for an unblocked view of sensor data when needed. It’s the slimmest in the PRO TREK range, providing maximum comfort for the wearer and ease of wrist movement and agility.

Equipped with Casio’s newest Triple Sensor Ver.3 technology, outdoor enthusiasts can use the PRW-6000 to determine compass bearing, barometric pressure/altitude and temperature to understand any terrain and weather elements with utmost precision. Proving to be the most functional and reliable outdoor accessory, the PRW-6000 also features an atmospheric pressure trend alarm which signals sudden dips or spikes in atmospheric pressure.


Wearers can take the PRW-6000 through the Sacred Valley trails in Peru or climb through the unforgiving terrains at Everest Base Camp with confidence. It is truly constructed to survive and perform in any terrain and also receives time calibration signals from six stations worldwide to automatically display the correct time at any location around the world.

The PRO TREK PRW-6000 series comes in Black x Orange (PRW-6000Y-1) and Black x Green (PRW-6000-1A) with a carbon fibre band, and will be sold at a Suggested Retail Price of S$629.00. It will also be available in Black x Silver (PRW-6000-1) with a resin band at S$549, and a premium titanium band version (PRW-6000-YT), sold at S$999. Available starting from July 2014, the new PRO TREK PRW-6000 Series is found at all G-FACTORY and G-FACTORY Premium stores across Singapore. 

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