Secret App – Anonymous Social Networks Can Be Unhealthy


Sharing secrets publicly and anonymously with others is nothing new. From the graffitied bathroom stall, unsigned letters to the editors of local publications or even fake Facebook profiles to allow users to say or do what they want. But things are getting a little out of hand with this new app, Secret.

By allowing users to post anonymously, these apps encourage such personal confessions such as, “I have a strong urge to slap this kid opposite me if he cries again.” And in a matter of time, they enable hateful and defamatory gossip about people (which is very much present in the application currently). From using pictures of the said person and telling the world their bedroom secrets to leaving secret gossips just to defame individuals.




How you get addicted to the app 
1) Download – After hearing all the news from your friends, you will download the app to satisfy your curiosity.
2) Read – There will be this nagging feeling that whatever you post will be tracked. Hence, you only send screenshots to your friends.
3) Like – Then you’ll start liking the post so more people see the ‘juicy’ gossips, with the lack of guilt as you are not the author of the post.
4) Comment – As things intensify, you’d get drawn into the comments and you will comment on a post that resonates with you. Or simply to find out who the author is talking about.
5) Post – And when something/someone makes you really angry or you hear a very juicy gossip, you will then post. With the intent to defame, cyber bully or merely for entertainment purposes.

I personally downloaded the application and found it very liberating to share ‘secrets’ that I wouldn’t share in real life. While I enjoyed being anonymous, I could see how the ugly side of an anonymous social networks can hit our tiny island. Normal “polite” conversation and communication are eroded by anonymity apps like this one and they could quickly become dangerous. Users takes no responsibility in the content they posted anonymously and people have already started spreading rumors and gossiping about naming others.

And that can get dangerous for the person being gossiped about. What if someone accuses you of something you didn’t do? Secret, which launched two months ago and has seen its share of scandalous posts. I can tell you that my feed alone, which comes from a network of friends in my iPhone’s address book and “friends of friends,” is full of caustic gossip about fashion editors, celebrities, explicit sexual fantasies and disclosing intimate details of individuals on a platform seen by millions.




Apps like Secret, Whisper, and Snapchat are all moving toward a more ephemeral, private web, users will soon realize nothing they post are actually anonymous. As per the site’s privacy policy, “… if a court asks us to disclose your identity, we may be compelled to do so Posts completely anonymized. While it is difficult to access, it is still technically possible for us to connect your Posts with your email address, phone number, or other personal data you have provided to us…” But is that going to stop people from using them? No. But what you and I as users can do is to flag all the horrible post you see that is causing hate and unwanted attention. Remove them from the cyberspace and soon these bullies will eventually get tired. For victims of cyberbullying on this app? Take it with a pinch of salt and delete the app. Focus on what is important and not care what is being said.

Will I be deleting the app soon? I doubt it. I’ll keep these apps just to feel like I’m in on the gossip.

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