9 Types Of Bosses You Don’t Want To Work For


Let’s face it; we have all seen and experienced bad bosses. There are the ones that bully, or the ones that drive you mad by trying to tell you how to do your job at the minutest level of detail. Poor bosses sap the spirit right out of their employees and cost their companies billions of dollars.  We’ve listed 9 types of bosses you don’t want to work for.


The God –  Arrogant, shows off at any opportunity and is in constant need of boosting his or her ego. He constantly needs to be worshipped by his minions and during meetings and especially events in the related field. If your boss knows everything and can do no wrong, it’s a good idea to seek greener pastures unless you are exceptionally tolerant.


The Turtle – Takes on no accountability and when push comes to shove, he vanishes from office and will not be found until the problem is effectively tackled. If your boss has the tendency to pass the buck when things get rough, but is the first to ask for a pat on the back when all is well, you know that you won’t be able to trust him to support you and your career.


The Micro Manager – Believes he/she knows how others should do their job, who can’t trust people to just get on with their job and instead and micro-manages everything they do. They expect every email, every phone call to be reported in daily reports or in some cases, they expect every email to be cc-ed to them allowing them to pinpoint the slightest mistakes.


The Psychic –  This boss expects you to read his mind. “What do you think I’d do in this situation?” If I had the power of Charles Xavier from X Men, I wouldn’t be working at a 9-5 job. To anticipate our boss’ every need before he even had a chance to express it? Well, that is something we can only dream off unless you are truly a psychic. If your boss consistently expects you to know what is next, but doesn’t do a good job of providing the context to make sure that you can be successful, he is setting you up to fail.


The Fear Monger – “You are not indispensable!, I can fire you anytime!” If your boss motivates by fear more than any other tactic, it’s a sign that he or she lacks leadership skills necessary to do the job. He/she is probably intimidated or unsure about how to get results without relying on threats or other fear-mongering. Well, every boss out there needs to know one thing, your employee can leave and will cause your business more harm.


The Potty Mouth – We’re all stressed out at some point, but if your boss cannot communicate a problem or concern without berating or yelling, he or she’s missing key management skills and likely won’t keep highly qualified employees for long. A boss that is unable to communicate anything effectively, be it the corporate strategy or individual performance feedback. Bad bosses don’t provide the air time for staff to respond to accusations and comments. They intimidate people and allow other employees to bully employees.


The Copy Cat – This boss that takes credit for other people’s work or ideas and passes it off as his own.Takes credit for the good and passes blame for the bad. This is probably one of the worst and often-reported traits of a bad boss. Had a brilliant idea and you made the mistake of sharing it with him/her? You can be certain the idea will be implemented, but the credit will not go to you. Everyone has to secure their seat in the office, but if your boss is doing that, your seat is pretty shaky.


The Uncaring – Sometimes, ineffective boss can get away with a lot if employees believe she or he cares about them. If your boss could care less about your family emergency or is on the phone to you in your hospital bed asking when you’ll be back at work, you can be sure they don’t care about your well being. When they pass remarks like, “Why are you always sick?” or “Why is your mom sick again?” it’s time to ditch the job and find a boss with compassion or basic human respect. And they definitely will not provide rewards or recognition for positive employee performance.


The Wishy Washy – The worst bosses collect all the information and still can’t make a choice. When a boss is not a good leader, ramifications can go beyond just whether the decisions at hand are good or bad. “Are we going to implement the new campaign next month?” And when the answer is, “Let me think about it” after 6 months, it’s time to find a solution to make him decide. If your boss does not have the courage to deal with a difficult situation despite knowing that it is the right thing to do, you are in for a rough ride.

The Metropolitant team wish you all the best for your career and our condolences if you have to work for a boss mentioned above.


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