10 Reasons Why I Am Proud To Be Singaporean #SG50


One of our readers decided to list down 10 reasons why we are really proud to be Singaporean and hopefully, we will hear more positivity online. To be honest, we are pretty tired/sick of hearing how the verbose minority diss the country. So let’s get on with the list, shall we?


1) Food – We have a great variety of food. You name it, we have it. Cuisine around the world, Michelin star restaurants to our very own  hawker centers in the heartlands — there’s a huge variety of stalls there at dirt-cheap prices. Oh, and it is much safer than any other third world country. The proximity and accessibility are unparalleled. You can head down to Sweechoon or 126 for you dim sum fix and you can be sure it’s safe to travel even if it’s 4 am.


2) Taxi service – Hop into anyone and they speak English, switch on their meters and drives you to your location safe. Drunk at a club? Walk out, raise your hand and friendly taxi drivers send you to the intended location. Oh, if you need to vomit, they have plastic bags for you to stuff your face into. Taxi is relatively affordable and it is way cheaper than the ones in Japan or Hong Kong.


3) Language – “Singaporeans are so awesome!” said some of my overseas friends when they notice we actually comprehend most of the language in South East Asia. Doesn’t matter if you don’t speak fluent Thai, Jap or Korean, most of us speaks English, Mandarin and one other dialect. That my friend will enable us to communicate with 90% of the world’s population.


4) Nature – If you are sick of the concrete jungle and all the high rise building, the city landscapers ensures enough greenery to go around for everyone living in this tiny island.  Outdoor spaces, greenery and quick, easy access to nature. Oh, and they are always well maintained, safe and free.


5) Passport – The fact that you are overseas and complaining about Singapore just proves how convenient it is for Singaporeans to travel around the world (most parts) with no visa. If you have friends from China and other countries, you will know the torture of applying for visa to fly off to another country. Singaporeans don’t have to worry about that.


6) Neighbors – Singapore is awesome, thanks to her friendly neighbors. Johor Bahru, Bintan and Batam are all less than an hour away. You have the accessibility to zip off to another country in less than an hour and everything there is 1/2 the price? How awesome is that!


7) MRT/Train – Yes, most of you will beg to differ. Train breakdowns, delay and fare hike made most of you mad. But if you compare the train system with other countries, it is much cleaner, better maintained and definitely has a less malfunction frequency than Japan.  Crowded? It is definitely not as crowded as the ones in Japan. With the new Downtown line up and running, you can get to anywhere on this tiny island with an EZ Link card.


8) Weather – Nope, we are not crazy. If you grew up in grey and somber London, you might appreciate bright and cheery Singapore a little more. No hassle of worrying if the weather will turn cold at night or if the roads are going to be slippery due to snow. Don’t have to add spikes to your tires or spend money dry cleaning your woollies when winter is over. You can wear a T-shirt and bermudas to almost anywhere in Singapore and you will fit right in. If you are prone to perspiration, bring another shirt along to stay cool and dry. Don’t have to worry about the dry wind chapping your lips, or causing your skin to flake/crack. The humidity in Singapore won’t give you those problems.


9) Arts and Cultural events – We do have a vibrant art scene with many concerts and great art festivals. Do not say Singapore is boring, go to the nearest shopping mall, check out the SISTIC outlet and you will find many events coming up. Have you visited all the museums in Singapore? We have 5 National Museums and over 15 other museums/heritage institutions. Have you seen them all? Still bored? Go catch a play and the Esplande!


10) Famous people – Last but not least, Eduardo Saverin (Facebook), Gong Li, Jet Li and Cecilia Chung moved to Singapore. If its not good, they come here for what ah! You think they stupid meh. (Pardon the singlish in this last example)

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5 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Am Proud To Be Singaporean #SG50

  1. I am proud to be a Singaporean…

    But I have more than 10 reasons …

    Like the ice-kachang, delicious, attractive, interesting, a blend of different ingredients, yet curiously unique…

    Never see chewing gym for many years … But we have many fruits to enjoy!!!

    Singapore is a country where color doesn’t matter … That is why we come to know so many languages so many culture … Malay staying in the left India at the right … All dialects from top and bottom …

    Tks to the place I stayed … HDB!!!

    Would I miss Singapore if I was away… ?

    I thought I won’t

    After staying in Japan for 27years … I am ALWAYS missing Singapore

    The foods, yes of cos!!
    The friends who had fun, the place I stayed, and my family!!!

    It is just a little red dot to the world we may be… But to me… to us, it is more than a spot. It is out home and it is all that we have got. Singaporean, the people of Singapore, it is you and it is me.

    So … For those who cannot make it home … this coming Sunday 9th Aug 2015 Dun forget to sing Majulah Singapura at wherever you are !!!

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