10 Ways To Piss Of A Bartender


Customers are NOT always right. Customers are not king. Believing these are true is not only bigoted but also selfish and obnoxious. We’re humans and that means we should try as best to make it easier for fellow humans. If you’ve noticed, Food and Beverage outlets now have rules and regulations for their guests: Our restaurant/outlet reserves the right to refuse service or sales. What this means is: Act like a jerk and you’ll get thrown out.

With close to 10 years behind the bar, I’ve seen the worst and the best customers. Here is a list of shitty habits that customers do.

1. Reaching over the bar and helping yourself when you think no one is looking.



2. Trying to order when you haven’t decided what to drink.



3. Insisting that we serve you what we don’t have.



4. Even after explaining why we don’t have it.



5. Asking for a horrible tasting drink and blaming the bartender for it.



6. Customers who don’t have an ounce of patience, wanting the drink to be made 5 seconds after ordering.



7. And expecting change to be returned 5 seconds after paying.



8. Then you have those whose life’s mission is to get wasted.



9. And the puke machines who can rival the Merlion.



10. Finally, the worst of the lot, The Coaster Destroyer.



If you’re guilty of these habits. STOP. Let’s make it easier for those who do their best to serve us. Stop being jerks.

P.S The list goes on, so feel free to add on to it.

Editorial by Edric “I Hate You” Cheong
You can find the original article + his website here edbotak.








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