Affordable, Succulent and Fresh Lobster Roll – Swensen’s


The rise of the lobster roll has sparked a bang in the local food scene, and Swensen’s has made everyone’s favorite dish all the more accessible with its new limited edition Lobster Roll Menu! There are only a few restaurants and shacks left that serve truly delicious lobster rolls. Most versions are plagued with soggy buns filled with huge pieces of dry, rubbery lobster meat and limp lettuce.

Swensen’s lobster roll offerings will satisfy your craving without burning a hole in your pocket. The Boston Lobster Roll features succulent chunks of flesh extracted from one full lobster, whilst the Slipper Lobster Roll features flesh from more than one slipper lobster.

After trying Swensen’s Lobster roll, we found it exceptionally satisfying! Go try it!  The limited edition menu is available only from 15th October 2014 to 30th November 2014.


The Boston Lobster Roll ($21.80)
A decadent creation featuring generous chunks of succulent lobster meat imported from Boston, and dressed with a touch of honey lime. To complete the experience, a perfectly toasted pillow soft butter bun is specially created to make every bite memorable. Served with mesclun salad and Swensen’s signature U.S. fries.

Slipper Lobster Roll ($16.80)
The sweet, juicy slipper lobster meat is adorned with chef’s special homemade creamy tangy mustard dressing. Nestled in a pillow of soft butter grilled bun, layered with crunchy lettuce and lightly crowned with butter oil, every mouthful is a chock-full of goodness rich in oceanic flavors. Accompanied by a side of mesclun salad and Swensen’s signature U.S. fries.

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