Digital Fashion Week Singapore: Bangkok Designers & Pauline Ning

Thai Designers at DFW SG Selected Images - Images by Cedric Tang
Thai Designers at DFW SG


With Digital Fashion Week heads to Bangkok in conjunction with Bangkok International Fashion Week 2014, 6 designers from Thailand showed at DFW SG. They were, FRI27NOV, FLYNOW, NAGARA, Rotsaniyom, Tube Gallery and VATANIKA. (More photos here)

For many years, Bangkok has always been touted as the next fashion capital with some Thai designers who has already gained worldwide recognition, and with many others waiting to burst into the international scene. How have they been popular? A simple reason is their knack for aesthetics as well as use of fabrics. Just take a look at the 6 designers who were at DFW SG.

Selected Pauline Ning DFW SG
Selected Pauline Ning DFW SG

An emerging independent designer, Pauline Ning of PAULINE.NING also showcased her Spring/Summer15 collection. A very fun, but an edgy collection that has very light fabrics, the details and finishing were spot on.

If there are pieces from DFW SG that you would like to get, you can shop the designer’s collections at (Psst we recommend that you do check out Thomas Wee’s Spring/Summer 15 collection as usually it is by appointment only!)

Story and photos by Cedric “Fashionista” Tang









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