BlizzCon 2014 – Overwatch, And Expansion For StarCraft II and HearthStone


The eighth BlizzCon has begun and Blizzard’s two-day community celebration is officially underway in Anaheim. You can watch the opening ceremony and this year’s eSports tournaments live for free at The opening ceremony pre-show gets started at 10:30 a.m. PT, and the opening ceremony begin at 11 a.m. PT.


It’s also not too late to purchase a Virtual Ticket if you want to watch the developer panels, contests, closing concert with Metallica, and more live—or via on-demand replays later as the show unfolds.

Gameplay Trailer

Cinematic Trailer


Overwatch is a highly stylized team-based shooter set on earth in the near future. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, mercenaries, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict. Tracer,  is a former British test pilot who can teleport, drop bombs, and reverse time.  Winston, the genius ape who uses a Jetpack to reach the rooftops and jumps into the heat of the battle. The game is coming sooner than you thought, with a beta release targeted for 2015. It’s also playable here at BlizzCon with 12 heroes are more to come. You can sign up now at

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

The third part of the StarCraft II saga, Legacy of the Void is themed after the Protoss race, and will include a new campaign and a 2 player co-operative mode. New units will be introduced with the return of the Lurker. New Arc ships will enable players to call down massive attacks on the enemies.


Heroes Of The Storm

With a new exciting trailer and Mike Morhaime just revealed that Heroes of the Storm will officially enter Closed Beta testing on January 13, 2015! Well, the blizzard team is still sending out new waves of testing invites regularly. Just make sure you opt in to Heroes of the Storm testing on your Account Management’s Beta Profile Settings page. Additions of new heroes,  Jaina and Thrall and expect new battlegrounds along with official Ranked Play.

Hearthstone – Goblin vs Gnomes

Hearthstone’s first expansion: Goblins vs Gnomes! Mechanical contraptions are ready to be installed into your Hearthstone collection. The new expansion will include 120 new cards that share a theme of wild inventions created by the titular goblins and gnomes. For example, the explosive sheep and the shielded “Annoy-o-tron.” Hearthstone: Goblins vs. Gnomes will be playable for those attending BlizzCon this weekend. For everyone else, we’ll have to wait until Blizzard releases the expansion next month.

That’s all for now folks and we will wait for more news on Day 2 of Blizzcon! Staying up for this is worth it!

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