Say Goodbye To Thunder Thighs And Your Dignity

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Thighs – sleek, slender and long, ladies want it, gents are swooned by it. They are also often compared to sausages.

Now there’s a new phenomenon, thigh gaps. In case you didn’t know, the width of your thigh gaps are directly proportionate to attractiveness. Even the Queen of Pop, Beyonce wants them. Beyonce photoshopping her thighs

As if by mind reading magic, a variety of exercises specifically selected to help thin the thunder of your thighs have appeared all over the internet. thunder-thigh-thinning-circuit
Here’s what you should know, the pictures shown on this site are just as misleading as the name of these exercises. So let’s take a look at what these exercises are and the ‘actual’ names.


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IMPORTANT: You can’t reduce specific thigh areas, just like how you can’t have chiselled abs just by crunching the hell out of them. You have a better chance of getting the body you want by simply combining the exercises into something like this:



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