Hakata Ikkousha Opens Second Restaurant At CHIJMES


Hakata Ikkousha gained attention in Singapore when it beat out other ramen purveyors to emerge Singapore’s Ultimate Ramen Champion 2011. It defended its title successfully for the 2012 championship.  Ikkousha decided to set up its own stand-alone eatery just half a year ago and has enjoyed brisk business and now looks forward to conquering greater territory across Singapore.


Hakata Ikkousha at CHIJMES is set to open this month, and will offer a cosy and stylish dining experience than its previous outlets. The menu has been augmented with five signature ramen dishes. Hakata Ikkousha brings to local tastebuds the authentic taste of Fukuoka, Japan. Hakata, a city in Fukuoka, is known for its thin, springy ramen noodles. The name “Ikkousha” means “one happy place”, which reflects the simple, heartfelt motto of chef Kousuke Yoshimura: “To bring happiness to all the people.”

Yoshimura-san was born in June 1976 in Fukuoka. His father was a sushi chef and his mother ran a Japanese bar. As a young child he developed an interest in cooking. He worked at his mother’s bar as a cook, and also learned the art of gyoza making at a restaurant. Through his experiences he developed his original ramen recipe, and opened his first eatery Hakata Ikkousha in Daimyo, Fukuoka.

Ikkousha’s secret to its broth lies in the change of pork bones during the boiling of the broth. Made from various types of pork bones, the broth is simmered over a low heat for over 12 hours to create that signature creamy texture. This method of slow-cooking draws rich, skin-smoothing collagen into the delicious broth.


The sauce is an essential element in the soup, a blend of three types of soy sauces, 20 kinds of seasoning and five kinds of rare seafood. All of it adds up to make the soup rich and unique in taste.


Ikkousha found it hard to get the noodles made to its exacting standards, and so, it bought its own machine to make the perfect noodles for its broth. The form, texture and colour are all customized for Ikkousha’s soups.  A key element of Ikkousha’s attraction is the colour, thinness and natural taste of the noodles. The noodles are blanched for just 15 seconds before serving, and each bowl of ramen is served immediately so noodles are never soggy.


Every ramen connoisseur knows that toppings are key to the dish. Ikkousha’s special topping of pork chashu is soaked in a secret recipe sauce, made to complement the broth perfectly. Other toppings, such as seaweed and tamago (flavoured egg) are included to create the perfect balance and an exquisite ramen experience.

Singapore ramen lovers can enjoy these five great flavours:
• Special Topping Tonkotsu (two pieces of seaweed and two pork slices)
Aji Tama
• Spicy Tonkotsu
Shio Tonkotsu


According to purists, the best Hakkata Ikkousha ramen to order is its original Tonkatsu Ramen with its rich pork broth. But to suit Singaporeans’ love for spice, Hakkata Ikkousha also offers its popular Godfire ramen, which is topped with its specially formulated takana, a condiment made from mustard leaves, chili, salt and sesame oil. Diners can order different levels of spiciness to suit their taste.


To accompany your chosen ramen dish, order a side of delicately crisp Gyoza or juicy Fried Chicken. Or if you are a flavored egg lover, Ikkousha fans will vouch that this restaurant makes unparalleled Tamago.



Hakata Ikkousha Global Standard at CHIJMES
30 Victoria Street, #F1-07, CHIJMES
Opening hours: Mondays-Saturdays 11.30am-10pm; last order at 9.45pm
Sundays: 11.30am-9pm; last order at 8.45pm

Hakata Ikkousha Global Standard at Tanjong Pagar
Blk 7, Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-104
Tel: 6538-1880
Opening hours: Mondays- Saturdays 11.30am-10pm; last order at 9.45pm
Sundays: 11.30am-9pm; last order at 8.45pm

Ikkousha at Ramen Champion T3
65 Airport Boulevard, #B2-58, Terminal 3
Singapore Changi Airport
Tel: 6214-2958
Opening hours: 10.30am-11.00pm

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