Sofitel So Singapore – Staycation So Fine

Sofitel So Singapore is a brightly lit Christmas tree that provides a heartwarming contrast against the cold stark structures of the business district. Conveniently located, you’re a few steps away from good food and mere minutes from famed entertainment venues. Walk through the revolving doors and you’re instantly transported into another world. A world where form and function are in blissful union. Where your senses are simultaneously excited and intrigued. You’ll spend time soaking up the luxury of it all before you’re whisked away by attentive staff.


The suite is lavishly decorated. Naturally, it’s what you’d expect when you combine French flair and Singapore’s sophistication. Adding classiness is strategically placed contemporary art pieces. The suite is also intuitively designed, with every cabinet fitted to serve your needs. This spacious suite truly spares no expense to enchant you.


The magic doesn’t stop here. The room is a smart one too. Fitted with the latest technology from Apple, you can set the desired mood easily with your fingers. Dim the lights, lower the temperature or shut the curtains, all without ever leaving the cozy castle of a bed. This suite will leave you pleasantly surprised at every turn.


The only unfortunate incident happened when the door broke down. The card detection unit decided to stop being responsive. Instead of making me wait, the front desk whisked me into the room with a universal key and changed my room for me. As I asked for a king sized bed, they gave me a nice upgrade to a bigger room with no question asked.


Luxuriously decorated and stylishly designed, Sofitel So Singapore is the perfect place for an ultra-luxurious stay. I may choose this hotel over my current favorite when I’m overseas, a certain hotel with an alphabet.



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