BeoPlay H2 – Headphone With Unparalleled Sound And Design


BeoPlay H2 is an on-ear headphone that has been acoustically fine-tuned for a life on the move – and a life filled with music. It features the acclaimed Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound that gives you an honest, powerful and passionate sound experience.
There’s a Bang & Olufsen 40 mm custom driver inside the headphones is designed to give you a full and rich music performance.

BeoPlay H2 is lightweight, weighing in at a modest 150 grams. Despite the low weight, it’s a very strong and wear-resistant headphone, made from durable composites and rugged textiles.

A lot of emphasis has been put on the ergonomics of the headphone – and its ability to hang flat around your neck, following the shape of your body. The ear pads and mono arms have been slightly angled to achieve just that – and as a result BeoPlay H2 is a headphone you can keep “always on”! The headband is adaptive too, which means that after you’ve worn your BeoPlay H2s a couple of minutes the headband conveniently adjusts to fit the size of your head. After you take off the headphones they return to their original size.


BeoPlay H2 comes with a three-button remote and microphone included in the box. The inline remote and microphone are conveniently placed next to your cheek. It lets you control both your music and device with absolute ease. You can answer and end calls with a single touch, turn the music up and down.

From January 2015 B&O PLAY will introduce a variety of cable accessories to suit different use cases: A short audio cable ideal for the breast pocket and more active scenarios (0,5m), a long audio cable perfect for relaxing in the living room (2,5m) and a cable specifically suited for Android devices.


BeoPlay H2 is retailing at SGD 348.
Available at Bang & Olufsen Grand Hyatt showroom from 21st November 2014.  BeoPlay H2 is available in 3 colors: Carbon Blue, Silver Cloud and Feldspar Green.

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