Review – Jaybird Freedom Sprint


New tech items always get us excited. While not absolutely new to the market, sports Bluetooth earphones have acquired a loyal following among many users in the gym and runners alike. While many brands profess the best quality in sound, fit, Bluetooth connectivity and call quality (if you need to talk while exercising of course), Jaybird seem to have gotten the best results in all areas.

The Jaybird sports Bluetooth earphones product line consists of the Bluebuds X and Freedom Sprint. The former costs more and didn’t come with optional ear hooks so we chose the latter to confirm the brand’s leading quality in such products. The Freedom Sprint retails at a cheaper price, albeit with a lower battery lifespan and of course an older product debuting at 2012. However, a snug and comfortable fit are absolutely necessary for sports earphones since there will be much movement that may cause the earphones to dislodge. You don’t want to be bothered about them while focusing on keeping fit.

On first look, the beautiful packaging will attract one to it instantly. Opening it, you’ll find the Bluetooth earphones and a futuristic looking magnetic closing hard shell case that screams luxury, quality and edgy-ness.


The Freedom Sprint is small and comfortable to wear over long periods of time. Long in the sense that it will only last about 4.5 hours of usage. If you’re a marathon runner who’s going to run longer than take, maybe you can consider the Bluebuds X which lasts for 8 hours. Bear in mind, though, shorter life, shorter charging time and vice versa.


Sound quality is superb with a snug fit and you won’t have to worry about “Listener Fatigue” which Jaybird professes to eliminate.’The built-in microphone also helps to isolate your voice ensuring good call quality.


The package will come with 3 sizes of secure fit ear cushion fins and sound isolating ear tips giving the user up to 9 custom fit options. The additional ear hooks are the last resort for those who have funnily shaped ears. It of course comes with the mini-USB charging cable as well.


You’ll have just 3 buttons for intuitive use to turn it on/off, pick up calls and increase or lower the volume. If you require more buttons, stop the workout and take the call properly, it’s important enough. Remember, the buttons are all sweat-proof, so you’ll be assured it will last no matter how many buckets of liquid fat come pouring out of you.

Freedom Sprint is compatible with most current devices on both the iOS and Android systems and comes in both black and white, RRP  $259.

Story by: Jason “The Bird”Chew









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