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Since 2000, CNP Cosmetics is the Derma Cosmetics Brand launched with various other cosmetics in 2000, incorporating dermatology treatment and the clinical experience of CNP skin specialists along with Cha Mi-kyung, a president and dermatologist, and President Lee Dong-won.


Most notably, CNP Cosmetics releases only those products that have passed its verification system and years of research, which places priority on skin safety, refraining from unconditional quantitative growth. While the system takes relatively longer for the company to develop products compared to other cosmetic brands, most of CNP’s products have been steady sellers for a long period that’s to viral marketing among consumers.

Here in Singapore, CNP Laboratory will be introduced progressively from late-January 2015 into 30 Guardian Health & Beauty stores island-wide. There will be 20 products in this first launch, retailing from $14 to $68. These stores include ION Orchard, Paragon, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Vivocity, Causeway Point, Jurong Point, Nex, North Point and Parkway Parade.

With such a wide range of products available now in Singapore, which is our favorite product from their line up? We’ve tried the products and we can’t get enough of the ones below!

BLACK HEAD CLEAR KIT ($14.10 for 3 sets of 2 masks)

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.43.30 pm

1. Hypoallergenic Black Head Clear Mask – CNP’s patented active ingredients gently dissolve blackhead and sebum, and help lift unseen sebum to the surface of the skin through maceration. Simply place mask on blackhead prone area for 10-15 minutes. Remove mask and gently roll cotton bud (packaged in set) over blackheads to remove them.
2. Pore Tightening Mask – This pore tightening mask contains Witch Hazel extract for its strong astringent pore tightening quality and CNP Anti-irritant complex to soothe sensitive skin. The active ingredient Zinc PCA (Zinc Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid) controls sebum manufacturing and improves the appearance of pores.

Editor: I do facials regularly and I doubted the effectiveness of the Black Head Clear kit. After following the instructions, I applied the cotton bud on my nose and gently rubbed it. After pressing it lightly, blackheads and white heads came off easily! Will definitely recommend to friends with clogged pores and hates extraction.


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.53.03 pm

This Daily Peeling Foam is a gentle peeling foaming cleanser that can be used daily. It contains Boswellia extract and CNP Patented AntiIirritant Complex, which minimizes skin irritation with a mild peeling action and effectively removes old dead skin cells. You can experience professional peeling care during washing face every day.

Editor: Due to frequent sun tanning in the past, smoking and lack of sleep, my skin is visibly dull. Portions of my face are dry and flakes easily too. However, after using this product for a week, the skin has visibly lighten and it did not aggravate the dry patches on my face. The bubbles are light and airy, washes off easily without residue or that dry feeling on the face.

PROPOLIS ENERGY AMPULE ($40.90 for 15ml)


This ampule contains concentrated Propolis extract, or Honey Essence, which is known for its anti-oxidant and moisturizing benefits. Working together with Hyaluronic Acid, the formula helps to maintain firm, healthy glowing skin. This highly popular product is suitable for all skin types, and is perfect for dry skin, tired looking eyes and travellers to cold climates.

Editor: As mentioned previously, I had dry patches on my face. After using this product for a month, I felt the skin getting firmer and more elastic to the touch. Scentless and sticky, it takes a while to set into your skin. However, I will continue using this product to see the results. After all, my friends from Korea swears by this product, and they call it the “Improved version of the CNP Laboratory Propolis range”.

What I truly like about CNP products?

1) Gentle on the skin
2) Affordable
3) A wide range of products that is suitable for all skin type

CNP Products are sold at the stores listed below:

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Editorial by Wilsurn “CNP” Lim








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