Chocolate Invasion – Cocoa Colony


Cocoa Colony is the latest chocolate café to launch locally, with its first outlet at the newly renovated Shaw Centre on Scotts Road. Getting their chocolate from all over the world, the Cocoa Colony team takes an average of 2 months to develop a recipe, going through various rounds of taste testing, then blind tastings, before the item is introduced on the menu at their café.


‘We love anything chocolate and know that cocoa has a lot of benefits including being a great antioxidant. We feel that there is currently no such café concept of a chocolate café for the masses that is not too overtly high-brow or too gourmet for the public.



Our products are accessible and affordable to all demographics,’ explains Yu Chia Min, the Business Development Director of the chain.


The must try items at the petite but inviting Shaw House outlet include Cocoa Colony’s signature creation – specially crafted chocolate drinks (cocoa 100, cocoa 76, cocoa 38, cocoa with baileys/cointreau), the Cocoa Colony gelato made from peanut butter with signature chocolate sauce, as well as the “Amazonian Liquid Gold,” available in milk, dark and white chocolate respectively, the brand’s premium chocolate sauce dispensed from their signature chocolate taps in the store which can be used as a dip for pastries, gelatos as well as drinks.


Aspiring to be an internationally renowned café, the Cocoa Colony chain plans to open in other gateway cities like Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and London in the next few years.



Cocoa Colony is located at Shaw Centre, #01-06, 1 Scotts Road, (S) 228208
Tel: 6235 8328
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8am to 10pm ; Sunday 9am to 9pm

Editorial by Wilsurn “Chocofanatic” Lim








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