PC SHOW 2015 (Editor’s Pick) – Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

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Usual Retail Price: SGD$329
PC SHOW 2015: SGD$199 with free Neoprene (Reversible) Carry Bag worth $49.

Sound Blaster Roar 2 comes packed with a whole host of useful features!

• Integrated MicroSD WMA and MP3 player
• Speakerphone Teleconferencing
• Integrated Voice Recorder
• NFC-Enabled Bluetooth with Multipoint and HD Audio Codec SupportBedtime Mode
• USB Audio With Sound Blaster Enhancement
• Dual Purpose Battery

SBX Pro Studio Features:

• SBX Crystalizer™ − Restores the “highs” and “lows” that are compromised during audio compression to create and audio experience as the original artist intended
• SBX Smart Volume − Intelligently minimises abrupt volume changes by automatically adjusting the loudness of audio playback
• SBX Dialog Plus − Intelligently enhances voices in music and movies for drastically clearer vocal range
• SBX Bass − Dramatically improves the sound experience by expanding the low frequency tones
• SBX Surround − Creates unprecedented levels of audio realism by producing virtual speakers around, above and below the listener

The Sound Blaster Roar 2 portable Bluetooth wireless speaker retains the same 5 speaker drivers, electrical design, and battery life as the Classic Sound Blaster Roar − but is now 20% smaller and 10% lighter. And it is available in black or white.

The Sound Blaster Roar 2 also comes with two all new features not found on the original Sound Blaster Roar:

• Increased flexibility with additional placement and acoustic options
Users can choose between placing the speaker horizontally for room-filling and balanced audio, or vertically for louder and more directed audio.

• Beautifully machine-finished pulsating passive bass radiators

The Sound Blaster Roar 2’s passive bass radiators are unobstructed and beautifully machine-finished. They pulsate mesmerisingly and you can actually feel and see the powerful bass in action.


“The original Classic Sound Blaster Roar was an amazing feat of audio engineering. It was truly a speaker that defied the laws of acoustic engineering. We razed through countless designs and overcame seemingly impossible design obstacles. In the end we created a portable Bluetooth wireless speaker with powerful killer audio and kickass thumping bass in a size no larger than a booklet.” said Mr Sim Wong Hoo, Creator of the Sound Blaster and CEO of Creative Technology Ltd.

The Sound Blaster Roar 2 retains the same mind-blowing 5 drivers, the same electrical design, and the same battery as the Classic Roar, but is now 20% smaller. Not only smaller and lighter, it’s now sexier. By revealing the pulsating machine-finished bass radiators, your music now becomes an aurally, visually and sensually appealing experience. And by re-orienting the speaker in a vertical position, you can get a new audio profile that is louder and more directed − great for a noisy party or an outdoor environment.





For more information on Sound Blaster Roar 2, visit creative.com/roar2.

Editorial by Wilsurn “TeamLudacus” Lim











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